The Marsback Zephyr Pro gaming mouse comes with a built-in fan with RGB lighting

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When it comes to picking out a gaming mouse, there are literally hundreds of options. Marsback is a company you may not have heard of before, but they bring something a bit unique to the table.

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The Marsback Zephyr Pro gaming mouse builds upon its predecessor, the Zephyr, the world’s first gaming mouse with a built-in fan. With a honeycomb shell, the Zephyr Pro has a built-in RGB cooling fan. The company has managed to keep the weight down as well, with the mouse weighing only 69 grams (not including the attached 18m paracord cable).

“Zephyr Pro’s implementation should deliver flawless tracking, even if you move the mouse as fast as you can. The ergonomic symmetric design is for great hand feeling and stress-free use. I love the built-in RGB lit fan as I am the one with active sweat glands that produce excessive sweat while gaming. The right mouse is the most critical weapon in your PC-gaming arsenal.”

Gary Lin, the product designer

Key features of the Zephyr Pro gaming mouse include:

  • Equipped with a built-in fan to cool your hand
  • PMW3389 optical sensor, OMRON switches, maximum to 16000DPI, with a scan rate of 12000 fps; it can track at accelerations of up to 50g, and the movement speed can reach 400 in/s
  • With 16.8M true RGB color illumination, software support: adjust RGB effects, DPI, macros, and other features  
  • PTFE footpds with > 250km service life
  • Onboard memory to save up to five customizable files
  • Two colors for options: black/white
The Marsback Zephyr Pro gaming mouse with built-in cooling fan comes in black or white
The Marsback Zephyr Pro gaming mouse with built-in cooling fan comes in black or white.

The Zephyr Pro is now available on the Marsback website with an MSRP of US$69. Even better, if you enter code TECHAERIS at the checkout, you can save yourself $10, bringing the price down to $59. We’re hoping to get a review unit in here shortly, so check back to see if having an internal fan in a gaming mouse actually makes a difference!

What do you think about the Marsback Zephyr Pro gaming mouse with its built-in cooling fan? Is it something you’d consider picking up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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