After a long marketing campaign, the Nothing ear (1) headphones have finally launched


For the most part, the tech community is used to being teased new technology. I mean, people make a living from leaking smartphone photos, specs, and rumors. So it’s not unusual for a company to tease their product weeks and months before it actually debuts. This is the marketing formula used for the Nothing ear (1) headphones.

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So after many weeks of teasing and offering not much information, the company has finally announced the ear (1). It’s not surprising that the press release fawns all over the product, much like Apple does in its keynotes. Much of the copy is filled with bombastic verbiage intended to make you feel as if the Nothing ear(1) headphones will change your life.

We’ll let you read the release for yourselves below but first. Availability for ear (1) starts at 8 AM EST on July 31, 2021, via a limited drop on Open sales begin on 17 August 2021 across 45 countries and regions, including the UK, USA, and Canada, both at and select retailers. The price is £99 GBP which is about US$137.

Nothing ear (1) headphones

“Nothing ear (1) is a breath of fresh air in a cluttered and indifferent market, setting the tone for our connected digital world to come,” said Carl Pei, CEO, and Co-founder of Nothing. “It marries advanced technology, precise engineering, and groundbreaking design at an unbelievable price.”

Nothing like you’ve seen before, the raw beauty of ear (1)’s stripped-down aesthetic features transparency to expose the engineering, including microphones, magnets, and circuit board.

Everything that is ear (1) is there with a purpose – from the instantly recognisable red colour signal for ‘Right’ to the case’s playful fisheye dip that helps secure the buds. Not only does it look distinct, ear (1) was designed for advanced comfort. Each earbud weighs in at just 4.7g, and delivers pressure-relieving vents, an ergonomic fit, and three customisable liquid silicone tips.

Pure sound starts with a big driver, 11.6mm to be exact. The audiophiles at Teenage Engineering painstakingly dialled in the software and hardware for balanced bass, mid, and treble performance. Behind the scenes, the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity ensures you never miss a beat.

Active Noise Cancellation on ear (1) uses three high definition mics to bring your music, films, and podcasts into sharp focus. Use Light mode for moderate noise cancellation and Maximum mode for noisier environments like when on an airplane or at the office. When you’re ready to let the world back in, activate Transparency mode. For loud and clear calls, Clear Voice Technology was specially developed for ear (1) to reduce distractive background noise, like wind.

Power runs deep on ear (1) with up to 5.7 hours of listening time and up to 34 hours with the case. The compact power source delivers ultra-fast charging – 10 minutes charge of the case delivers up to 8 hours for a day’s power. The Nothing ear (1) charges wirelessly and is compatible with all Qi chargers.

Additional features include Find My Earbud, EQ, Active Noise Cancellation and Gesture Control customisation via the ear (1) App, as well as In-Ear Detection and Fast Pairing. The ear (1) earbuds are also sweat and water splash resistant.


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