Twitter hits the brakes on verifications after approving fake profiles


Twitter recently started its verification process again, allowing users and brands to apply for a blue checkmark. The blue checkmark is Twitter’s way of showing that the user or brand is a real person or entity. This can be very helpful for brands like Techaeris so that fans know which account is the real deal.

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When Twitter reopened verification, we waited patiently to apply for the blue checkmark. It’s not that we care so much about having the checkmark, but we have had people try and pretend they were us. We’ve been able to report those dummy accounts, and Twitter removed them. Still, Twitter denied our application for verification yet managed to approve fake accounts for the checkmark.

Twitter has slammed the brakes on verification in the past, and it seems they still can’t get things right. Allowing fake accounts to get through while denying legitimate accounts that could actually benefit from being verified.

The start-stop issues Twitter has been having with its Verified program speak to the difficulties that can come with issuing a badge that is sometimes regarded by users as an endorsement. Twitter says that the purpose of the badge is to show that an account is “authentic, notable, and active,” but even those criteria can end up courting controversy when people who are arguably notable get their applications rejected (especially when obviously fake accounts make it through).

The Verge

The company is still going through already submitted applications, but it’s not allowing new applications to be submitted. So if you’ve already applied, you may still have a chance to be verified. As for us, we’re not sure we’ll apply again, given this is the second time we’ve been denied. If we find any more copycat accounts, the best we can do is report them.

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Twitter hates coffee

Last Updated on August 14, 2021.


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