South Korea may halt Google and Apple from charging app commissions

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South Korea could be making a bold move if it keeps Apple and Google from charging commissions on in-app purchases. Basically, iOS and Android are the only two players in the mobile app game, and they have been accused of taking advantage of that position.

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If South Korea does go through with this move, it would be the first time a major government has taken such action against Google and Apple. App developers on both platforms have often complained about the requirements and fees of both companies. These rules almost always put more money in the company’s pocket and less in the developer’s pocket.

According to Heekyong Yang reporting for Reuters on the South Korea story:

The parliament’s legislation and judiciary committee is expected on Tuesday to approve the amendment of the Telecommunications Business Act, dubbed the “Anti-Google law,” that takes aim at app store operators with dominant market positions.

If the bill gets the committee’s approval, it will be put to a final vote on Wednesday. Lawmakers in South Korea have pushed the issue of the commission structure since mid last year.

“For gaming apps, Google has been forcing app developers to use its own payment system … and it wants to expand its policy to other apps like music or webtoon,” said Kwon Se-hwa, a general manager at the Korea Internet Corporations Association, a nonprofit group representing Korean IT firms.


Apple and Google can charge up to 30% commission on in-app purchases, and if the new bill passes, it will allow developers to use their own payment systems.

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