Report: ProtonMail provided user data to Swiss authorities


ProtonMail is one of many secure email services available on the internet today. The company sells itself as an end-to-end encrypted email service where your privacy is a top priority. ProtonMail also boasts that all its email servers are in Switzerland and protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

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But maybe ProtonMail isn’t as secure and private as you thought. A new report surfacing today says that the company provided user data to Swiss authorities that led to the arrest of climate change activists in France. Apparently, the company was forced into giving the data over to the authorities.

If you’re interested in the case itself, you can follow the Twitter thread below. We’re more interested in the fact that it seems Swiss privacy laws aren’t as strict as some may think they are.

Of course, ProtonMail was legally forced to hand over that data, but it didn’t get away without incurring the wrath of the Web. It was questioned why it possessed users’ IP addresses in the first place when it advertises that it doesn’t log IP addresses by default. ProtonMail founder and CEO Andy Yen explains that it only started logging the specific users’ IP addresses after it was legally forced to do so by Swiss authorities.

Netizens are still taking issue with ProtonMail’s marketing, hiding the legal intricacies of its logging activities away from its front page.


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