Will Apple make a folding iPhone? Most likely yes, but we’re still a few years off

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Samsung and Apple couldn’t be more different in their approach to research and development. They also are worlds apart when it comes to launching new technologies. Samsung tends to be aggressive, often launching ideas and products well before being ready for real-world practical use. Apple tends to wait until it feels the technology is ready, and that’s why we probably won’t see a folding iPhone this year or next.

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Samsung’s Z Fold and Z Flip are already in their 3rd generation, and they are finally just refining the device to be usable en masse. Samsung’s ongoing work with its device is why a folding iPhone is unlikely to come until at least 2023, and that’s being generous. Given the number of pain points folding phones have, Apple is likely going through as many of them as possible, assessing if these points can overcome them.

Our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G review should be dropping here very soon, and our experience was a good one, but there’s still much to be done. I’m sure Apple has been paying attention to reviewers of these Z devices and sourcing their own Z devices to study.

Rumors and leaks are pointing towards a 2023 launch of a folding iPhone, but we know how such things can end up in the wind. While Apple isn’t perfect, they have had many missteps and blunders; they put a large amount of effort into getting a product right the first time. Apple generally has very little interest in being the first to the table with something, opting to unpack and study it first.

There are already many renders and concepts of a potential folding iPhone, but it’s hard to say what Apple might do. Other rumors say two folding iPhones may be coming in 2023, much like the Z Flip and Z Fold. Honestly, I’m leaning towards Apple starting with a flip version and holding off on a larger folding version.

LG’s announcement of its new “Real Folding Window” glass technology indicates that Apple may be preparing to dive into foldables. It would be unlikely that Samsung would provide displays to Apple for a folding iPhone, and with LG out of the mobile game, pairing up with them seems like a good fit.

It’s all up in the air right now. Companies like TCL are already withdrawing from foldable devices due to the cost and challenges. But we know how much money Apple has, and if anyone company can dive into foldables, it is them.

LG's Real Folding Window...could this be in a potential folding iPhone?
LG’s Real Folding Window glass technology

It’s tough to say when or if Apple will move on foldables. Other sites throw out dates from rumors and leaks, but no one knows. I do think that eventually, Apple will make a folding iPhone, but I have no accurate data to predict when. Now we can argue over what they might call it. iFold? iFlip?

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Feature Image Source: Foldable iPhone render. (Source: LetsGoDigital)
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