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The iPhone 13 is a great device, and for iPhone users, it’s the best iPhone yet, but it’s also still very breakable. That’s why most iPhone users buy a case for their new devices. Even with the advancement in the glass used on the iPhone 13 and other smartphones, it’s always best to protect that expensive investment.

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This article will be fluid as we cover some great options for an iPhone 13 case. So you might want to bookmark this one and come back from time to time and see if we’ve added any cases to the list. So let’s jump right into the list and see which iPhone 13 case choices are out there.

One thing of note. We used these iPhone 13 cases on an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Most of them should be available for all iPhone 13 models, but some may not be. You’ll have to check each link provided to see if the iPhone 13 case listed is available for your specific iPhone 13 model.

The Techaeris 2021 iPhone 13 Case List

Speck Cases

Presidio 2 Grip

iPhone 13 Speck case

Currently, out of all the cases on this list, this is my favorite. This case provides a nice grippy feel but doesn’t impede the iPhone from sliding nicely into your pocket. The buttons are tactile and responsive, and the lip on the front has a nice rise to it which protects the front glass when placed flat.

The camera module cut out on this iPhone 13 case is also well done and adds extra protection. The cut-outs are all precise. The case comes in 4 different color combos, and our Graphite Grey with Black and Bold Red accents looks fantastic.

This case is also MagSafe compatible and provides mid-level protection, and is what I usually look for in a case. It’s comfortable to hold and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the already big iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can find this case on Speck’s website for US$54.95.

Presidio 2 PRO

Pro 2 iPhone 13 case

While I like the Presidio 2 Grip, the Presidio Pro 2 Pro is okay. The Pro is the same as the Grip minus the grippy bits, and that’s mainly why I’m not fond of it.

There’s nothing wrong with it otherwise. It provides all the same protection and all of the same features as the Grip; it’s just not as easy to hold onto.

The Pro comes in two colors, and our black and white sample quickly gets fingerprints and smudges all over it. Wash your hands after you eat those chicken nuggets from Chic-Fil-A people. Otherwise, it’s just as good at protecting your iPhone as the Grip.

The Pro is also MagSafe compatible and provides mid-level protection. It’s easy to hold and doesn’t add a lot of bulk. You can find this iPhone 13 case on Speck’s website for US$54.95.

Presidio Perfect-Clear


The Perfect-Clear is my least favorite of these three Speck cases. While I love the idea of a clear case to show off the iPhone 13 look, this one is slippery.

Like the Grip and Pro, it provides all the same features and protections but is even less secure to hold onto. The Perfect-Clear only comes in the clear, and that makes total sense. I found that the buttons on this case were not as good as the Grip and Pro. They felt less tactile and less responsive. Still, I know there are tons of clear case fans out there, and this might be perfect for them.

The Perfect-Clear is MagSafe compatible and provides mid-level protection. You can find this iPhone 13 case on Speck’s website for US$49.95.

Catalyst Cases

Vibe Case

iPhone 13 case Vibe

The Vibe is my 2nd favorite, so far, of the cases, I currently have on hand. Like the Speck Grip, the Vibe has a great texture, which adds a lot of grip-ability. The buttons are also tactile and provide an excellent response without having to push too hard. The Vibe has a rotating switch on the side that controls the silent feature of the iPhone. It works very well but does get hung up on pants pockets when sliding the phone into your pocket.

The front raised lip and camera lip offer good protection for the front display and camera. Catalyst designed this case with a closed bottom, which protects the speaker at the bottom and closes it off. They have compensated with vents that improve the sound as they direct it toward your face rather than away. The Vibe comes in two colors (ours came in black), and you can add colored buttons and a lanyard.

This case is MagSafe compatible and offers mid-tier protection. It’s comfortable to hold and slides into your pocket easily. Removing it from your pocket can sometimes be a hassle with the silence switch getting hung up on your pocket. You can find this iPhone 13 case on Catalyst’s website for US$49.99.


iPhone 13 case

The Influence is almost identical to the Vibe but has a stiffer, more rigid feel to it. It’s also translucent and comes in 4 colors with the ability to add colored buttons and a lanyard.

The buttons on the Influence are a lot harder to manipulate than the Vibe and provide a less tactile experience. It does have that same closed bottom design which funnels the sound from the bottom speaker towards you.

It offers all of the same features as the Vibe but is made of a different material, making it feel cheaper and more slippery. This case is not MagSafe compatible, and while it’s comfortable to hold, it can get squirrely. You can find this iPhone 13 case on Catalyst’s website for US$39.99.

Lifeproof Cases


Lifeproof WĀKE

The WĀKE is a minimal yet protective case that has a unique wave-like design on the back. It’s made of a hard plastic material and has nothing covering the speaker and Lightning Port. That could be a bad thing, but some people like it.

One thing that Lifeproof did well here is the buttons. They are very tactile and feel fantastic to manipulate and use. It’s almost as if you’re pushing the buttons on the phone itself. The raised lips on the front and camera module aren’t as pronounced as in other cases, but they offer decent protection.

The case itself is very comfortable to hold, and the material doesn’t get fingerprints or smudges on it but, it’s very slippery. But it’s also very slim and doesn’t add a ton of bulk to the iPhone. The WĀKE comes in 3 color combos, with the buttons colored brighter for a fun accent.

This case is not MagSafe compatible and offers the bare minimum of mid-tier protection. It is comfortable to hold, and because it is slippery, it slides in and out of pockets easily. You can find this iPhone 13 case on Lifeproof’s website for US$39.99.


Lifeproof SEE iPhone 13 case

The SEE case from Lifeproof offers up a little more coverage and protection than the WĀKE. The back is made of hard plastic, but the edges are made of a rubber material that gives you a lot of gripping power.

Those same excellent buttons are on the SEE as well; they’re so nice to press with a satisfying tactile feel. The raised lips on the front and camera module are higher than the WĀKE and offer more protection for the display and camera.

The bottom speaker and Lightning Port are also protected, unlike the WĀKE. The SEE is slightly thicker than the WĀKE, but it’s still manageable and comfortable to hold. The SEE also comes in 3 color combos, with the buttons colored brighter for a fun accent.

SEE is not bulky, but it does offer a higher offering of mid-tier protection. SEE is also MagSafe compatible. You can find this iPhone 13 case on Lifeproof’s website for US$59.99.


Lifeproof NËXT

The Lifeproof NËXT is more rugged and premium protection compared to SEE or WĀKE. The case is made of hard plastic and comes in two pieces. You place the phone in the back piece and snap the front part into place. It is straightforward to put together and take apart, should you need to.

The NËXT adds a lot of bulk to the iPhone 13. I have relatively large hands, and I found it not so comfortable to hold. Bulkiness is the price you will pay for added heavy-duty protection, and the NËXT does offer that up in spades.

Your iPhone 13 will be encased all the way around and front and back in protective plastic. The edges are rubberized, which does help in holding it, and at least it doesn’t slip. The Lightning Port is covered, and the buttons all have excellent tactile feedback to them.

The front lip is like a mountain; it really is raised, so you are getting superior protection for your display. The rear camera lip is also raised high, protecting those lenses. This case is also clear on the back but comes in 3 colors for the edges.

The NËXT is MagSafe compatible, and so far, MagSafe accessories have held it fine. You can find this iPhone 13 case on Lifeproof’s website for US$79.99.

We have a few more cases to add to this list from a few other manufactures. We will update it as we can and reshare it on our social media outlets when we do update. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for new iPhone 13 case additions.

What do you think of these iPhone 13 cases? Which cases are you using? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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