The most popular laptop brand in the U.S. surprised us


The laptop has become what most people use in their homes and on the run. There was a time that desktops dominated the PC space, and the laptop was much more expensive. But today, laptops can be purchased at a much more reasonable cost making them more popular than ever.

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There are many different laptop manufacturers on the market, but the three top brands, according to Finbold, in the United States dominate the landscape. We were surprised to see that HP rules the U.S. market with a 35% market share, with Dell right behind them at 27%. Apple holds firm to the third position with a 24% market share.

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Acer has a share of 13% to rank fourth, followed by Lenovo at 12%. Samsung has the lowest market share at 7%. The data on U.S. laptop market share is based on Statista Global Consumer Survey conducted between Jul 2020-Sep 2021 which surveyed 4,792 U.S. respondents aged between 18-64 years. Laptops ownership is on a household level.

HP remains the top laptop brand in the U.S., considering its dedication to providing more innovation in PC design, performance, and user experience for a reasonable price. The company has focused on reinventing its laptop brands after splitting from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Since the split, HP has also focused on serving the premium laptop market, which Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) mostly dominates.


The sale of laptops is only increasing as more employees are working remotely. While the top three brands dominate the market, there is still room for the others to grow. We were shocked to see that Dell was not in the top spot and Lenovo was so far back. If we had to guess who the dominant players were in this space, we would have gone with Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, and Samsung in the top 5 slots. We would have been totally off the mark. Acer was also a stunning surprise to see that far up this list.

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