Call of Duty player accused of hacking, was simply using Audeze LCD-GX headset

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If there was any doubt in your mind that your peripherals can give you a solid advantage when it comes to competitive gameplay, this story should change your mind. Aydan, a competitive Call of Duty player and Audeze brand partner, was recently accused of hacking — simply for using an Audeze LCD-GX headset.

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Aydan and IcemanIsaac challenged Shotzzy and Stukawaki to a 2v2 Gunfight. All four are Call of Duty/Warzone pros, so the match should have been a pretty even one. A fifth Warzone Pro, Blazt, was watching the match in CODcaster mode and quickly noticed that Aydan somehow had a significant advantage. He was quick to call him out as well, stating “I can expose Aydan, I’m not even joking!”

Blazt’s comment was prompted by the fact that Aydan was tracking Shotzzy through walls, something that is generally only achievable through a hack of some sort. Turns out, Aydan was able to hear Shotzzy through the wall because of his $900 gaming headset.

If you want to get a competitive advantage like Aydan, you can pick up the Audeze LCD-GX from Amazon or the Audeze website. It’s not cheap though and will set you back a cool US$899.99/CA$1299.99. We’ve reviewed some Audeze headsets in the past, and given their performance, I don’t doubt the LCD-GX is even that much better.

Full specifications of the Audeze LDC-GX include:

StyleOver-ear, open-back
Transducer typePlanar Magnetic
Magnetic structureSingle Fluxor™ magnet array
Phase managementNon-Fazor
Magnet typeNeodymium N50
Diaphragm typeUltra-thin Uniforce™
Transducer size106 mm
Maximum power handling5W RMS
Maximum SPL>130dB
Frequency response10Hz – 50kHz
THD<0.1% @ 100dB
Impedance20 ohms
Sensitivity100 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
Minimum power requirement>100mW
Recommended power level>250mW

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