Infographic: Leveraging 3D CAD in industrial marketing


There are numerous problems in industrial marketing, and manufacturing businesses’ lack of openness is a pressing one. Intellectual property theft daunts many manufacturers, which breeds the danger of competing businesses stealing their original designs and producing cheaper versions of their products. As a result, many manufacturing companies are hesitant to give the data that engineers are looking for.

To protect themselves, some manufacturers compel potential customers to contact them for data and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) (non-disclosure agreement). However, only 20% of engineers indicate that if they can’t find a 3D model online, they’ll contact the provider for access to one. Many manufacturers are hesitant to use their most important content, such as CAD models and data, because they are afraid of losing intellectual property. This crippling fear deters marketing success.

There is a slew of other challenges that industrial marketers face. Product logistics, the location, availability, and delivery of products pose a large one. Many manufacturers have stringent transportation and supply chain operations, and many products require special care in the delivery processes.

Order cost and scale can also create difficulty, as MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) often require buyers to purchase more than they need, and scramble to find the space to accommodate the excess products, or purchase orders with too-few products, having to pay more for the shipping and delivery of multiple orders with smaller quantities. Furthermore, the presence of various decision-makers paired with a plethora of industry-specific factors creates a need for universal appeal in industrial marketing. 

Industrial marketing’s challenges are also its most significant opportunities. Creating quality content, and surrendering information to do so, is a major B2B marketing challenge that buyers face. Engineers are seeking product data, and manufacturers’ reluctance o give it up poses a barrier.

But, unlike other B2B marketing sects, which create webinars, ebooks, and other engaging content to allure buyers, industrial marketers can reel in leads through accessible data. In doing so, manufacturers build trust with engineers and gain a competitive edge by making their product specs readily accessible.

3D previews are the most compelling way to both present products and their data. After integrating 3D CAD models into their site, John Joyce, the Global Marketing Director at Brennan Industries, Inc., said, “We saw our downloads double overnight.” By adding a 3D preview configurator to your site, engineers can consume necessary data and visualize the product – a gift that many manufacturers refrain from giving. 

3D CAD models can be rich in marketing content and lead capture, but it’s pertinent that the 3D CAD model downloads on your website are pristine. 80% of engineers will no longer pursue the product if CAD model downloads don’t work, and 43% turn to the manufacturers’ competitors for alternative solutions. Paramount in the buying process, with 92% of engineers and architects noting them as a vital factor in selection. Let 3D CAD models open doors for your industrial products too.

What is Industrial Marketing Infographic

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