The first USB-C iPhone has sold for $86,000 — Will we ever see more?


If you’re looking for an iPhone with a USB-C port, you’re one of many. Rumors have circulated about the potential for Apple to transition from the Lightning port to USB-C for years now. Still, the tech giant has yet to make the switch.

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One student in Switzerland modified a version of the iPhone X to include a USB-C port, and it recently sold for $86,001 on eBay, a staggering amount for one individual smartphone.

iPhone X With USB-C Port Sold on eBay

Ken Pillonel, a student, studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, took matters into his own hands and created a modified version of the iPhone X with a USB-C port for charging and data transfer.

Pillonel is working toward a Master’s in Robotics at the institute. He put the modified iPhone up for auction on eBay last month, and the bids show just how desperate people are to get their hands on it.

Bids started at $3,500 and jumped to a staggering $50,000 within 28 hours. Since then, the highest bid recorded was $100,100. The retrofitted phone finally sold for $86,001.

Pillonel uploaded a video of his modification and described his steps to retrofit the iPhone X with the new, modern port.

Many people have devices that require a USB-C connection, and Pillonel felt that it would make life easier to have one charging cord to charge all of his devices. And it’s not just loyal Apple customers wishing for USB-C ports, either.

Despite Apple’s hesitation to switch over from their proprietary Lightning port, other companies have been more confident in making the transition. For example, Microsoft’s newest model of the Surface Pro X comes with two USB-C ports that can be used for 4K external monitors, charging another device, or as a USB connection.

And we can’t talk about USB-C without mentioning Samsung — perhaps the first significant brand to adopt USB-C charging ports. While Samsung nixed the charging brick with the release of the Galaxy S21, the USB-C port and USB-C to USB-C cable are still going strong.

iPhone with USB C
USB-C port on iPhone

Should Apple Switch to USB-C Ports?

While many customers opt for a USB-C port, recent Apple announcements and online leaks have yet to clarify what kind of port the iPhone 14 will be equipped with. We know that the new iPhone 14 will lose the notch and rear camera bump, but we’re still unsure if Apple will transition to USB-C. So far, though, Apple has introduced its most recent laptops and iPads with USB-C ports.

The European Union even sent a proposal to Apple that may force them to adopt a USB-C port to eliminate waste from electronics manufacturers. Having one standard port would also make it easier for consumers. They would not have to obtain multiple different charging cords to accommodate all of their devices.

Apple, however, believes that making the switch could cost more for consumers, as they would be forced to purchase these new cords.

Consumers are looking for the convenience factor. Apple should consider its loyal customer base when deciding if it’s the right move for them to adopt a USB-C for all its iPhones.

Will iPhones Ever Have a USB-C Port?

Based on the EU’s proposal mentioned above, Apple may have to adopt a USB-C cable soon. The legislation would allow Apple two years to configure its newest iPhone models with the port. At the end of the day, iPhones with USB-C connections may come to market, but it’s still uncertain when — or whether — that may occur.

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