[CES 2022] Cleer Audio announces its ALPHA headphones with “theater-like” sound


CES 2022 is just a few weeks out, but we’re expecting several show-related announcements to be coming across the wire beforehand. Cleer Audio is one of those early birds, and they’ve announced a new pair of headphones dubbed ALPHA.

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Cleer Audio ALPHA has been awarded a CES 2022 Innovation Award, and they come with active noise canceling and theater-like sound. That theater-like sound is thanks to a technology called Dirac Virtuo, which Cleer Audio calls a “game-changer.”

Here’s what the Cleer Audio press release had to say about these new headphones coming in 2022:

The ALPHA wireless intelligent noise-cancelling headphone revolutionizes music pleasure on the go with spatial audio, and industry-leading Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation. With Cleer’s patented award-winning 40mm Ironless DriverTM, Bluetooth 5.1 connection, Qualcomm’s cVcTM 2-mic solution, and 35-hours of playback in ANC mode, ALPHA delivers the best wireless audio quality, immersive sound, and audio performance.

On the daily outing, ALPHA’s adaptive noise cancellation function and upgraded earpads with a cooling feature significantly improve the users’ wearing comfort. The ALPHA is an advanced personalized lifestyle product, more than just a headphone.

Patrick Huang, President and CEO at Cleer, says: “The ALPHA is like no other headphone with its spatial immersive audio, adaptive ANC and Cleer+ App customization. It is a brilliant headphone like no other.”

Dirac Virtuo – Dirac’s patented algorithms deliver a compelling sound experience without complicated and expensive hardware upgrades. Optimal and immersive audio without requiring specifically encoded 3D formats. Dirac onboard offers a faster, easier, and more cost-efficient path to perfect signature sound. Their tuning system and technology yield incredible performance with lower lows, higher highs, and a mid-range so thick you can feel it. This is high-precision and transparent spatial audio.”

Cleer Audio

Cleer Audio ALPHA Features

  • Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling (A-ANC)
  • Spatial Audio with Dirac VirtuoTM Immersive Sound
  • Cleer+ App, User Interface
  • Class leading Battery Life with quick-charge feature
  • 35-hours of battery life with ANC
  • Quick Charge via USB-C giving 4.5 hours of playtime in 10-minutes
  • Available now for US$249.99 on the Cleer Audio website here
[CES 2022] Cleer Audio announces its ALPHA headphones with "theater-like" sound

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