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Ride-sharing enables us to travel without worrying about the hassles of getting to our intended destination. Many citizens prefer to travel with companies like Uber and other ride-sharing companies. Ride-sharing services are meant to be a private service for people who do not own a vehicle or visit a place where they don’t have a car.

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There are many advantages of ride-sharing services like Uber. They ensure to get us straight to our destinations. However, there are some concerns for travelers. Traffic incidents have increased since many ride-sharing services have grown and expanded their footprint. That is why there are new technologies that ride-sharing services like Uber are rushing to implement.

What to do If you’re in an Uber Accident?

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Uber accidents are also known as ride-sharing accidents. There have been many cases of ride-sharing accidents in the past few years. These accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. But the increase in Uber accidents pushes the company to worry about safety protocols. 

Some people wonder what they should do if they experience the aftermath of a ride-sharing accident with Uber. Your best move is to get the services of a San Diego Uber Car Crash Lawyer that knows about the layout of the law. It is crucial to obtain the help of a specialized car crash lawyer. After all, they have sufficient knowledge to help you with your unfortunate situation. 

One of the reasons to get an Uber car crash lawyer is to review the cause of the accident. When you hire a lawyer, they ensure the privacy of their clients. You can share all the events in detail to shed light on whether Uber or other ride-share companies can be held liable for the accident. They can also help you analyze the whole situation and determine if you can receive compensation. 

An Uber car crash lawyer does not only specialize in Uber-related accidents. They may also help in other possible cases like personal injury, property damage, or help to file a claim if a loved one gets hurt. Car crash injuries are quite complex to deal with since there are several factors to consider before going into court.

For people hesitating to file a lawsuit or complaint, then a car crash lawyer will also help you. We recommend car crash lawyers when it comes to ride-sharing accidents. They will know the next move you can take or provide you with all the legal actions/options you can launch against a ride-sharing company. 

Uber’s New Technologies that Ensure Your Safety

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As the incidents involving Uber service vehicles increased in the past few years, the company took some time to field technologies that promote the safety of their passengers. After all, these technologies require some time to test and ensure that they will work in real-time. 

As we all know, Uber is a ride-sharing service you can contact using their app. Their drivers are also equipped with these apps. Today, we will discuss some new features Uber has added to its apps. These features are meant to enforce the safety of both passengers and Uber drivers in case of an incident. 

Audio Reminder

One of the most typical causes of personal injuries during road accidents is not wearing seat belts. Many passengers dislike wearing seatbelts if their destination is close to their point of origin. Today, when you ride an Uber service vehicle, the app will remind you to wear your seatbelts even if it is a short trip. 

Record Audio

To help both the Uber company, car crash lawyers, and other personnel discover the cause of unwanted scenarios, Uber has installed a record audio feature on their proprietary app. This feature is meant to be activated by drivers whenever they start making their daily trips. Danger could lurk on every corner, and an audio recording will significantly help the authorities. 

Change Route Detections

Some crimes are performed by criminals disguised as Uber drivers. In some cases, a driver can also override the route suggested by the Uber app if they find it necessary. However, the Uber company has a strict policy for Uber drivers to follow their determined route. If your assigned Uber driver strays off from the route suggested by the Uber app, the app will let you know immediately. 

Ultrasound Waves

Now let us introduce you to a new wave of Uber technologies. Some people become victims if they get inside the wrong vehicle. Many crimes are associated with fake Uber drivers that trick many individuals. Uber launches a new feature by using Ultrasound waves to correct this problem. It will indicate and warn you immediately if you are in the wrong vehicle.

Real-Time Identity Update

As discussed, many criminals dress up as fake Uber or ride-sharing service drivers to perform unwanted acts in society. Uber began implementing the Real-Time ID feature in their app for a working solution. It will require Uber drivers to take a photo of themselves (selfie) so that the app can verify their identities. 

Bike Lane Notification

It can be challenging for bystanders to get hit by an opening door of a vehicle suddenly. Many personal injury cases revolve around colliding with disembarking passengers. In some cases, some people either walking or waiting for their rides also get hit by the door of a vehicle when its passenger leaves. To solve this problem, the Uber app now has a notification that will notify you if you are disembarking near a bike lane or station to avoid hitting other people.

Multi-Mode Transportation

As with their previous services of using typical car models, the Uber company is universal. Observing the success of motorbikes, motorcycles, and buses, the company now wants to compete with public transportation services. Expanding their inventory of available vehicles will allow them to have many passengers and customers who prefer riding different transportation modes. 


Ride-sharing services have had their share of road accidents and incidents in the past few years. After determining the major causes of these failures, they decided to add new features to the app meant for both Uber drivers and passengers. The goal of these new Uber app features is to ensure the driver and passenger’s safety.

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