[CES 2022] The new Dell XPS 13 Plus is a redesigned stunner


CES 2022 is kicking off, and Dell has made several exciting announcements. Our favorite, by far, is the introduction of a redesigned XPS 13 in the form of the Dell XPS 13 Plus. The XPS line was already one of our favorite premium laptop lines, and Dell just made it better.

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While this is technically a redesign, it’s not grossly overdone or overthought. Dell struck a balance and paid tribute to its heritage while updating it simultaneously. The modern yet simple design tweaks only made this laptop look even sleeker than its older brothers.

The most noticeable difference in design is the keyboard and the apparent disappearance of the trackpad. That keyboard comes with broader keycaps which Dell calls “zero-lattice.” The top row of F keys has been replaced with a capacitive touch area, and you can switch between function keys and media keys. This reminds us of Apple’s TouchBar but maybe not as obnoxious and overthought. We’ll see how well it works once we get our hands on it.

[CES 2022] The new Dell XPS 13 Plus is a redesigned stunner

While it appears that the trackpad is gone, it is not. The traditional trackpad has been replaced by a seamless glass touchpad that provides haptic responses to the touch. The Dell XPS 13 Plus retains that edge-to-edge display that has become a staple of the XPS line.

Here’s what Dell’s press release had to say about the new Dell XPS 13 Plus:

Dell XPS 13 Plus

Performance, design and packaging; from top to bottom, we’ve stripped away the unnecessary and streamlined features to deliver a complete, seamless experience. Simplified interiors make your creative experience the focus, with best-in-class edge-to-edge displays that bring your visions to life. Additionally, leading battery technology make sure you can go the distance without disruptions. And with Express Charge 2.0 that gets your laptop to about 80% battery life in less than an hour, you can quickly juice up on the fly. Oh, and did we mention it’s just as light and thin? More power, without weighing you down.

The XPS 13 Plus is designed to be minimalist and modern. The sleek keyboard, function row, touch pad and palm rest deliver a clean, iconic appearance that is light to the touch and complemented by curved, comfy edges throughout. There’s no wasted space – the modern, edge-to-edge interfaces simplify the overall design to deliver a clean, harmonious surface.

[CES 2022] The new Dell XPS 13 Plus is a redesigned stunner

Dell XPS 13 Plus Key Features

  • Our most powerful XPS 13 yet is the first to be designed to a 28W spec, so it’s more powerful, but about the same size as bef ore.
  • Enlarging the dual fans and stretching them to the outer edges provides up to 55% more airflow and in turn, enables a more po werful system in the same size without increasing noise or temperature.
  • Small, thin and light at 0.60” (15.28mm) thin and starting at only 2.73 lbs (1.24kg).
  • A capacitive touch function row eliminates physical keys to provide a touch -friendly interface. Users can toggle between function and media keys.
  • The seamless glass touchpad uses force pad haptics to provide targeted, reactive sensation, as well as eliminates the traditi onal parting lines on the palm rest. Piezo technology utilizes a series of small, actuated motors for precise, responsive feedback .
  • The zero-lattice keyboard is fast, efficient, and comfortable with every keystroke. Designed with larger keycaps and a deeper di sh (0.3mm), it’s ideal for a touch typist.
  • Crafted from CNC machined aluminum and glass in a choice of light or dark with matching tone -on-tone interiors. Available in Platinum or Graphite.
  • Stunning displays deliver high brightness, improved clarity, precise detail, vivid color and even an OLED option so your cont ent comes to life. Enjoy louder sound and broad dynamic range with improved quad-speaker design.
  • ExpressSign-in paired with Windows Hello for a faster, seamless login experience.
  • For the first time, we’re using aluminum processed with hydropower in the chassis, which reduces the carbon footprint of the aluminum. Also, the XPS 13 Plus will ship in all -new packaging made from 100% recycled or renewable content.
  • Available with Windows 11 or Ubuntu 20.04 on the Developer Edition XPS 13 Plus.

The XPS 13 Plus is available in timeless colors, a light (Platinum) and dark (Graphite) with an enhanced surface finish that is premium and serene. We’ve eliminated distractions by creating cohesive tone-on-tone design details for a unified appearance. The overall experience is a modern aesthetic that is intentionally crafted to emanate the pinnacle of simplicity.

Now let’s talk about how it feels. Designed with larger keycaps (also known as zero-lattice), the keyboard is comfortable, smooth and efficient with every keystroke. The top row of the keyboard is now cleaner, thanks to a new capacitive touch experience that allows you to switch between media and function keys easily. And speaking of clean and simplified, the traditional trackpad has been replaced by a seamless glass touchpad that provides haptic responses to the touch.

Senses drive the creative process and we’ve enhanced both sight and sound in the new XPS 13 Plus. Our pioneering 4-sided InfinityEdge display continues to deliver a virtually borderless viewing experience and we reduced the number of layers from the display screen to improve clarity and reduce weight. And when it comes to creating your own content or consuming the content you love, enjoy louder sound and broad dynamic range with an improved quad speaker design. Two up firing speakers are hidden underneath the keyboard, while down firing speakers are on the base, resulting in incredible sound for music, movies and conferencing.

XPS 13 Plus is available worldwide Spring 2022, with Windows 11 or Ubuntu 20.04 on the Developer Edition. Pricing to be confirmed nearer to shipping date but expected to start at US$1,199.


Be sure to read our full coverage of CES 2022 here. What do you think of the new Dell XPS 13 Plus? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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