Six tech gadgets that can make driving safer


The automotive industry benefits from the latest and greatest gadgets and innovations, especially to make driving safer for customers. Distracted driving can be deadly, and leveraging tech is a great way to improve vehicle safety. 

Consider the rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs). It’s possible that by 2030, shared autonomous electric vehicles (SAEVs) will cut travel costs by 60%, and they’ll likely replace millions of cars and trucks on the road today. 

What are some other automotive innovations that are worth considering? Below, we’ll discuss some innovative gadgets that can make driving a safer experience for everyone riding in the car. 

1. Magnetic Phone Holders 

Because so many drivers also use smartphones while in the car, it can be a significant distraction. Drivers distracted by their phones can veer off the road, merge into other lanes without looking for other vehicles, or hit pedestrians or guardrails. 

Many magnetic phone holders have emerged — some other phone holders use clamps, and most of them work with various types of smartphones. Driving hands-free improves safety and can prevent accidents, injuries, or deaths. These tools can be beneficial if you use your phone for its GPS features. 

2. Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs)

To put it simply, an ignition interlock device (IID) is a small handheld car breathalyzer that measures how much alcohol is on a driver’s breath. While using the device, the vehicle will not start if the amount of alcohol detected in the blood is too high. This prevents drivers from getting behind the wheel when they’ve been drinking.

There’s evidence to suggest that when an IID is installed in a vehicle, it can reduce DUI deaths. In one study, DUI deaths decreased by 15%, improving vehicle safety.

3. Portable Tire Inflators

Flat tires are common, and no one wants to spend hours on the side of the road waiting for road assistance or to get towed. It’s wise to keep a portable tire inflator somewhere in your vehicle. This will make handling tire emergencies much more manageable. 

Some examples of portable tire inflators include:

  • EPAuto Portable Air Compressor and Tire Inflator
  • Viair 88P Portable Air Compressor
  • Ryobi P737 Cordless Power Inflator

Consider keeping a tire inflator in your vehicle to help you out during any flat tire emergencies. 

Six tech gadgets that can make driving safer
Battery Jump Pack

4. Rearview Mirror Camera

This is a helpful tool for drivers of older vehicles, considering many new cars have built-in rearview cameras to help you navigate while driving in reverse. Rearview mirror cameras can reduce the chances of experiencing an auto accident and enhance driver visibility. 

Various dashcams and rearview mirror cameras can be installed into your vehicle to make driving safer. No driver wants to damage their vehicle or risk hitting a pedestrian while backing up. As its name suggests, rearview mirror cameras can provide a broader view of the area behind your car, and you can see the display right on your rearview mirror.

5. Car Battery Boosters 

Now and then, your car battery may need a basic jump. Portable jump starters, also known as car battery boosters, can be lifesavers if you need to restart your car. You may be in a remote location with no other drivers to help you jump your battery. 

There are many battery boosters available on the market; it’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to spend on them and what features you find helpful. 

6. Blind Spot Mirror

The National Highways Safety Administration reports that over 800,000 blind spot accidents occur every year. So, what type of gadgets can you use to overcome the blind spot when you’re driving, changing lanes, or merging onto the highway?

Blindspot mirrors are becoming increasingly popular, as you’ve likely seen them on other vehicles while driving. Many auto part stores and online retailers sell blind spot mirrors to enhance your driving visibility. It’s always helpful to rely on these mirrors to see if other vehicles or pedestrians are in your blind spot. 

Use Technology to Achieve Driver Safety

With today’s advanced technology, it’s no surprise that more gadgetry is emerging to help different industries improve their products. Consider purchasing some of the items above to make driving a bit safer for you and anyone who rides in the car with you.

What do you think of these gadgets? What gadgets do you use in your car? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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