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Sometime in December, I was contacted by Kizik to see if I wanted to review a pair of their shoes while at CES 2022. Sadly, I couldn’t make CES this year, but the company sent a pair of Kizik Athens for me to check out. Anyone who has been to CES knows the value of a good pair of shoes. You can walk for miles at CES, and taking good care of your feet is critical.

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Every December, I always buy a new pair of shoes in preparation for CES, and I was surprised that I had never heard of Kizik before. The company’s claim to fame is the ability to slip these shoes on without tying or bending over. Let’s be honest here; I think many of us have done this with our current shoes and pretty much crushed the back ends to where they no longer support our ankles. I know I have. So I was intrigued by the Kizik Athens and wanted to see if this actually worked. Read on for the review!


  • Patented HandsFree Labs® shoe entry technology
  • Breathable, removable, and washable contoured insoles
  • Ridiculously comfortable Rabbit Foam™ outsoles for stand on your feet all-day comfort.
  • Solid rubber outsole wear pads for enhanced traction
  • Adjustable lacing for the perfect fit every time for any size
  • Available in sizes 4.5 – 15 and EE width
  • Clean with damp cloth, light soap, and water. Pat dry after cleaning. Do not soak.

What’s In The Box

  • Kizik Athens Shoes
Mens Athens Slate Grey 1080


The Kizik Athens has a clean and straightforward design that I like very much. The mesh upper is breathable and keeps my feet cool, but I fear this material may soak up spills and stains easier than other materials. You can clean these with a damp cloth, light soap, and water, but you cannot just throw them in the washing machine.

The insoles are washable so that you can throw them in the washing machine, and that is a plus. The outsole is made of something called Rabbit Foam and seems to be solid yet supportive. The “Rubber Traction Pods” on the bottom are nice looking, and I like that their design doesn’t leave room for rocks to find a place to rest.

The laces are adjustable, so they are not just there for show; you can tighten the shoe up a bit more if you like. I love how the tongue is stitched into the upper and not just left to flap loose. The back lattice-shaped rubber material is part of the “HandsFree Labs Technology” that allows you to slip these on without bending over or struggling with them.

I’m not entirely sure what is inside this technology, but the design works. I was skeptical, but I could slip these on without any issue and without the back of the shoe being crushed. I slipped them on and off many dozens of times to see if I could maybe miss or crush the shoe, but they slipped right on without issue.

Overall, the design of the Kizik Athens is outstanding. I mentioned that you couldn’t throw these in the washing machine, but there are a lot of other shoes you can’t do that with either. I think this particular color I have will show dirt and wear faster than darker colors. At least you can surface wash them; that’s helpful.

Kizik Shoes Back View Techaeris
The HandsFree Technology end of the Kizik Athens

Ease of Use

I should think I could handle a pair of shoes at this point in life. Okay, so shoes aren’t tricky to use. Most all shoes are simple to use. The Kizik Athens aims to make shoes even more straightforward to use, and they accomplish that.

I am guilty of leaving my shoes tied and wrestling them on as I run out the door. Most of the time, the back ends of my shoes look like they’ve been crushed by a car. Over time, this makes the shoe less supportive, and it doesn’t look so great either.

The Kizik Athens has this technology that allows you to slip your foot in and still push down on the back, but the back comes back into shape. I will warn you, trying them for the first time is addictive, and you’ll slip them on and off at least two dozen times before you are satisfied.

Overall, the Kizik Athens are very easy to use, and the technology the company is employing here does what they say it does.

Kizik Shoes Sole Techaeris
The Soles


Comfort is a very subjective thing. I have flat feet, so it is tough to find something comfortable for me. These shoes do run true to size, and the 11.5 that I ordered fit perfectly. Because of my flat feet, my foot is also slightly wider than average.

I ordered a size 11.5 but decided not to order the wide width since often, the wides are too broad. This was a good call as these fit perfectly. There is plenty of room for the width of my foot, and the length is also perfect. The mesh material also keeps things cool, which will be nice for summer.

The insole and the soles are sturdy and supportive and give a nice cushy stride. The ankle support is good; it could be better, but it’s not horrible, and this is subjective and based on how your feet and ankles are built.

Overall, I feel like I would have in good hands at CES with these shoes. I think they would have taken the punishment like a champ.


Priced at US$119, the Kizik Athens aren’t cheap. I think they are worth every penny, and they give the user great value and comfort.

Wrap Up

I think the Kizik Athens are fabulous shoes. They are well designed and comfortable, and I love that I can slip them on and not worry about smashing the back ends. They are pricey, but most good shoes are, and I think this price is fair and competitive in the market. I can recommend Kizik shoes but remember that shoes are a very personal and subjective buying choice. Hopefully, this review can at least guide you to a choice.

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