JOBY announces two new motion control devices for content creators


JOBY recently announced a new line of content creator microphones, and they’re not done yet. The Spin and Swing are two new motion control devices for mobile content creators. The Spin is a Bluetooth electronic head that gives users 360° motion control and can produce videos, moving time-lapses, and panoramic stills. At the same time, the Swing is a Bluetooth electronic slider that delivers silky-smooth linear motion and can create unique videos and moving time-lapses.

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Ever keen to push the boundaries of innovation and technology, JOBY has introduced two new products to its expansive range of vlogging and content creation essentials – the JOBY Spin and the JOBY Swing. Lightweight, easy to carry, and compatible with other top-selling products from the JOBY ecosystem, these clever motion control devices broaden the range of options available to content creators who want to stand out from the crowd and create unique, jaw-dropping content.


JOBY Spin US$89.95

JOBY spin and swing

Designed in partnership with Syrp Lab, the JOBY Spin gives users powerful 360° motion control that’s easily navigated with a smartphone via the dedicated JOBY Motion app for iOS or Android. This allows users to create stunning output including smooth videos, moving timelapses, and panoramic stills.

The Spin is incredibly compact and robust, weighing in at just 130g (0.3lb) with a panning payload up to 750g (1.65lb) and tilting payload up to 500g (1.1lb), making it perfect for on-the-go content creation. Working in perfect harmony with JOBY’s ecosystem, the pocketsized device also comes conveniently bundled with the best-selling GripTight™ PRO phone mount in the Spin Phone Mount Kit for easy setup. Simply pair the Spin with your favorite GorillaPod® or JOBY support, and you’re ready for the ultimate upgrade in smartphone content.

Creators have the option of pairing two Spin units together with the Pan Tilt Bracket to create dual axis timelapses, b-roll, and video shots. The ability to pan and tilt simultaneously further upgrades output, allowing for stunning landscape videos and astrovideography at the press of a button.


JOBY Swing US$129.95


The JOBY Swing is a slider that looks nothing like a slider. This Bluetooth electronic slider works with Apple and Android phones via the dedicated JOBY Motion app and enables content creators to produce moving timelapses and unique videos. Polished, smooth b-roll footage has never been so easy to achieve – or pocketable. Weighing in at only 290g (0.63lb) with a payload up to 600g (1.3lb), the Swing is a travel-friendly powerhouse for video-centric creators.

Designed with seamless integration into the JOBY ecosystem, the Swing pairs perfectly with the BallHead 1K and GripTight ONE phone mount (available kitted in the Swing Phone Mount Kit) and gives 38cm (15in) of travel distance for a serious upgrade to smartphone content.

The Swing mounts via ¼”-20 on GorillaPod or RangePod™ supports and is available fully kitted in the Swing Complete Kit bundle which contains the BallHead 1K, GripTight ONE phone mount, and GorillaPod 3K Stand.

The JOBY ecosystem is built to streamline the workflow of everyday content creators and vloggers, encouraging users to push the boundaries of creativity. The Spin and Swing enable users to experiment with unique content creation techniques to create output that grabs attention, engages their viewers, and is effortlessly professional.


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