Seven simple pieces of home security tech with a significant impact


As smart technology has grown and traditional security devices have gotten more reliable, home security has seen some impressive upgrades in recent years. Here are seven simple pieces of home security tech that have a significant impact on the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

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1. Security Cameras

This common security device has gotten some much-needed improvements in recent years. The old pixelated cameras of the 2000s and 2010s are starting to make way for more reliable surveillance devices that capture high-resolution footage. Here are some of the main types of security cameras:

  • Wired indoor: They require professional installation but also have the widest POV of any indoor cameras.
  • Wireless indoor: The most common choice for cameras that supervise one room. Baby monitors and other such devices fall into this category.
  • Wireless outdoor: Large, weatherproof cameras that property owners often install to cover large yards, garages, and driveways. They command a wide field of view and work well in conjunction with security lighting.

2. Motion Sensors

While security cameras play an admirable role, no one wants them inside every room and hallway in their house. That’s where motion sensors come into play. These versatile devices can take several forms:

  • Passive infrared (PIR): Small and inexpensive motion sensors often placed at the entrances or exits of buildings. Its sensors detect changes in infrared radiation, including the heat of human bodies. It runs on low power and can stay on for a long time, but it’s also quite sensitive. A strong gust of wind can activate the sensor.
  • Microwave: This device emits waves of radiation and detects when an object disrupts the waves’ frequency. It covers a larger area than PIR, but its waves sometimes penetrate walls and trigger false alarms.
  • Dual tech/hybrid: As the name suggests, this option incorporates PIR and microwave technology to create a low-power yet more reliable motion-detecting device. Both the PIR and the microwave sensors must activate for the device to sound the alarm.

3. Video Doorbell

One of the most popular items for smart home security, the video doorbell is a security camera, motion sensor, and intercom system rolled into one interactive device. It allows homeowners to monitor every sight and sound that passes by their front door. Over time, it can even detect familiar faces and learn when to notify you of a potential intruder.

If any unknown person approaches the door, you don’t have to answer it and put yourself at risk. You can simply speak into the microphone on the other side. Video doorbells have captured many interesting viral videos in the last few years – some disturbing and some wholesome – which has quickly made them popular security devices.

Seven simple pieces of home security tech with a significant impact
Arlo is one of many security cameras on the market.

4. Security Lighting

Security lighting comes in several different forms, all of which monitor activity outside your house in their own unique ways:

  • Floodlights: Arguably the most intimidating option, these lights are powerful enough to thoroughly illuminate wide expanses, leaving intruders nowhere to hide. Everyone close to your home will notice when your floodlight snaps on.
  • Motion-sensor lighting: Energy-efficient options that activate whenever the sensor detects movement. Place them around driveways, sidewalks, and other high-traffic areas.
  • Automatic timer lighting: These lights activate based on timers the homeowner can customize. Since they don’t operate based on movement or a fixed schedule, intruders can’t predict when they turn on. Only you know that information.
  • LED lights: While the other options have their specialties, LED lights simply last longer and concentrate their lighting better. They only shine downwards, which reduces light pollution and illuminates their target area more thoroughly.

5. Chemical Detectors

Sometimes the greatest threat to your personal security can come from inside your house. Smoke detectors are one of the few defenses protecting your family from internal threats. All it takes is a forgotten candle or leftover spark in the fireplace to create a house fire. The smoke detector might just save your life.

While smoke has a distinct look and smell, carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless. You will never know if your home has a carbon monoxide leak unless you have the right security device. Carbon monoxide detectors save lives and are no-brainers to have inside your home.

6. Glass Break Detector

Windows are one of the go-to entrances for home intruders, making the glass break detector a vital security device. If you’re away from home or deep in sleep, this device will be the first to sound the alarm if someone tries to break in through a window. It senses high-frequency sound waves, such as shattering glass, splintering wood, and similar noises.

7. Panic Pendant

These oft-forgotten security devices don’t get their due credit. They’re mainly used as lifelines for elderly and disabled people, but they can help anyone in need. Anyone can suffer a serious injury in their home. If they can’t get to a phone, a panic pendant might save their life.

Panic pendants can also come in handy outside the home. If you feel threatened or get injured in a remote area, help is just a button press away.

Keep Your Home Safe With Security Tech

Home security primarily involves day-to-day precautionary measures such as locking the doors, not answering the door for strangers and staying in good shape to defend yourself. However, high-tech security devices can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders and keep your house under constant surveillance. Take your home’s security to the next level and keep your loved ones safe with the above security devices.

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