9 easy ways to improve your internet connection


As internet speeds continue to get faster, providers of services that use the internet continue to create content that requires faster speeds to operate optimally. If your internet connection isn’t meeting your needs, these are some ways you can boost your speed.

Check your data cap

Before you get into more complex problems, such as 5G core policy management, consider more simple solutions. If you aren’t getting the speed promised to you by your internet service provider, make sure your bandwidth isn’t being throttled because you are over your data cap. Many high-speed internet providers place a limit on how much data customers can use per month. Once you go over that limit, your provider may slow down your connection speed. If you aren’t sure, check your account information on your provider’s website or give them a call. If you are consistently going over the cap, you may want to consider purchasing a higher-tier of service that comes with a larger cap.

Move your router

There are several components that play a role in your internet speed. If you are connecting to your modem through a wireless router, then the strength of the single you receive from the router could affect your speed. If you are far away from the router, try moving it closer to where you are. 

Use an ad blocker

All those ads that your browser loads when you visit sites on the internet require some of your bandwidth. Blocking the ads can free up some resources and speed up your connection. Your browser may come with a built-in ad-blocker or you can download one online.

Install malware and virus protection

Malicious software running on your computer may be using your resources in the background and slowing down your connection speed. Plus, it may also be doing things with your resources or your personal information that you don’t want it doing. Installing and running malware and virus protection can protect your system. 

Consider buying faster service

Even if you only have one ISP where you live, it probably offers multiple plans. You may be able to purchase a plan that comes with faster speeds. 

Reset your router

When your router and modem have been running for a long time without a break, the cache can get full. Power cycling your modem and router allow the devices to clear out the cache and choose the least crowded channel for each frequency which can speed up and improve your internet connection. To avoid problems, it is a good idea to reset your modem and router at least once per month.

Resetting your router can help improve your internet connection
Resetting your router can help improve your internet connection.

Consider wired connections

Wi-Fi is convenient, but it’s not the fastest way to connect to the internet. Cabled connections, such as ethernet, provide you with more stability and speed because the cable carries the signal directly to your device, rather than the signal having to pass through the air. Try connecting your devices that most rely on high-speed connections to work well, such as your TV, gaming system or computer, directly to the router instead of using the Wi-Fi. 

Try a different browser

Some browsers use more resources than others, particularly if you have a lot of tabs open. You may be able to get a speed boost by using a lightweight browser, such as Opera. 

Clear your cache

When you visit websites your browser stores information about your browsing history, called cookies. It also stores some of the data from the sites you visit, so that it doesn’t have to completely reload the page when you visit that site again. When the cache gets too full, it can bog down your connection. You can either manually clear the cache, or install a plugin that does it for you.

There are a variety of tips and tricks you can try to boost your speed. However, your maximum speed is still whatever you are paying for from your provider. If you’ve tried all these tips and your connection is still too slow, it may be time to pay for a faster connection.

What do you think of these nine easy ways to improve your internet connection? Do you have any suggestions of your own? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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