Victrola Revolution GO review: Bring your vinyl with you

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Vinyl records are back. There is a massive vinyl market, ranging from true audiophiles to users who love retro technology. But in the 21st century, we are more mobile than ever, and taking your vinyl with you isn’t as easy as a smartphone and a streaming app. Enter the Victrola Revolution GO.

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Some may not notice, but there is a sound difference between vinyl and digital music. Most vinyl lovers enjoy the more organic sound and feel over the digital version. The Victrola Revolution GO allows users to bring that sound with them. Let’s dive into the review and see how good this portable and rechargeable record player is.


The Victrola Revolution GO has the following features and specifications:

DIMENSIONS12.99″L X 12.83″W X 4.84″H

What’s In The Box

  • Victrola Revolution GO w/Removable Lid
  • Strap
  • Slipmat
  • Power Adapter
  • 45RPM Adapter
  • Manuals and Documentation


Victrola Revolution GO
A simple design.

The design of the Victrola Revolution GO is pretty simple. Victrola did shoot for a retro look, but it is very subtle. The entire unit is made of plastics with a few pieces of metal here and there.

Looking at the top of the Victrola Revolution GO, you’re greeted with the cover. This has an attractive slotted design that gives it a retro feel. The cover is secured with a push tab, which the user can remove. The inside of the cover has some slots that can be used to hold up to five records in their sleeves. That is an interesting feature and helpful if you don’t want to leave your albums lying around when you’re out and about.

Under the cover are the turntable, 45RPM adapter, and slipmat, all standard fare for a turntable. Towards the front is where the speakers are housed, and they are covered in a soft fabric material. To the right, housed on the speaker grille, is the function knob. Below is an explanation of what this knob does.

Victrola Revolution GO Function Knob
Function Knob Operation

The back of the Victrola Revolution GO is pretty plain but does house RCA inputs so that you can hook up better speakers to the unit. There is also a headphone jack, the power jack, LED charging indicator, and reset button. The front of the unit houses the handle with the strap buttons on the sides.

The strap is a cheap guitar strap that is OK, but not with much padding. You could always buy something a bit more colorful and comfortable if you want to replace the strap. I think Victoria missed an opportunity here; they could have a more colorful strap to give the unit more pop and fun.

The bottom of the unit has four nicely padded feet that I’m sure help with vibration, and there is a covered storage area where you can place your power supply.

Overall, the design is simple, it’s lightweight, it’s portable, and it’s easy to move from one place to another. I wish it weren’t all plastic, but there is weight to consider. I also think a nicer and more colorful strap may have added a fun factor to the unit.


Setup is easy. Simply plug it in to charge it, remove the tape and twist tie holding the arm down, power it up and put a record on. Here is a top view of the simple layout of the Victrola Revolution GO.

Victrola Revolution GO Top View

You can set up a Bluetooth connection to a device if you’d like to stream music and use this as a Bluetooth speaker. Personally, I think this is a waste, this is intended to listen to vinyl records, and that’s how I’d use it.

But you can also use the Bluetooth connection in Vinyl Stream mode. This allows you to connect a better Bluetooth speaker to the unit and listen through it instead of the onboard speaker. Handy!

Overall, the setup is straightforward. Just be sure to remove any tape and ties that are holding things down.


Victrola Revolution GO
The two 5W speakers are OK, but I would have liked a bit more power.

The Victrola Revolution GO does not have the most robust speakers, but they are adequate, and I think they serve their intended purpose. What I’m saying is you’re not going to have a backyard party with these speakers; they’re strong enough to allow you to enjoy your music outdoors but not intended for large gatherings.

Inside, in a good-sized room, they sound fine. They could use more depth and meat to them, but the music is enjoyable. Thankfully, they do have RCA outputs, and hooking in a pair of Fluance bookshelf speakers brought the music to life.

But the Victrola Revolution GO is intended for mobile use, and you’re not always going to have nice speakers to hook up to. So I’ll have to say that the sound coming from this unit is acceptable, but it may have trouble filling up some spaces. That’s not to say it sounds terrible; it doesn’t; I mean, we are talking two 5W speakers here. It does what it needs to do.

As I mentioned in the setup section, you also have Vinyl Stream mode. So you can connect an external Bluetooth speaker to the unit, which is handy. But that does mean you’d have to bring along another speaker with you as well as the Revolution GO.

Overall, the sound from these two 5W speakers is acceptable for what they are. You do have options with RCA jacks and Vinyl Stream via Bluetooth.

Battery Life

Battery life will widely depend on what modes you are using and the volume level. Victrola provided the below chart to give you an idea of what to expect from the lithium-ion battery on the Revolution GO.

Victrola Revolution GO battery life

I found these advertised numbers were very close to being accurate. I generally do not have the volume above 60%, so I found I was hitting these numbers easily. But again, battery life is subjective and dependent on your use of the device.


The Victrola Revolution GO goes for US$199.99. I think it’s a fair price, but I also think some more robust speakers would have been nice to have at this price. With the two 5W speakers, I believe a more fair price would have been US$179.99. Still, I think there is value here for vinyl lovers who want to be mobile.

Wrap Up

The Revolution GO is a fun record player that allows users to take their records on the run. It has a lot of solid points that I think outweigh its few weak points. The weak point I see here is the speakers; I think some better speakers would make this an outstanding device. But it is still worth buying if you’re looking for a device like this.

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Last Updated on April 20, 2022.


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