Cooler Master CK721 wireless mechanical 65% keyboard available for pre-order


For the longest time, full-sized keyboards were the norm. Then along came the 60% — or tenkeyless — keyboard. Lately, the 65% keyboard with an extra row has started to become the choice for those wanting a smaller keyboard without a number pad.

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Cooler Master has just announced that the CK721 wireless mechanical 65% keyboard will release on March 29th and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The company calls the keyboard a “hassle-free, no-fuss workhorse” that is suitable for both gaming and productivity. It features a 65% layout, hybrid Bluetooth/2.4GHz wireless technology, is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices, and can be used in wired mode as well.

“We first envisioned the CK721 as a supremely durable no-nonsense workhorse, but it evolved into something that is so much more. With the elegant design, fully-loaded features, and a housing that is primed for durability, the CK721 is one of the most stunning keyboards we’ve ever released.”

Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager
The Cooler Master CK721 wireless mechanical 65% keyboard in Space Gray
The Cooler Master CK721 wireless mechanical 65% keyboard in Space Gray (also available in Silver).

Key features of the CK721 wireless mechanical 65% keyboard include:

  • Hybrid Wireless Tech: CK721 provides both wired and wireless functionality. Choose between Wired Type-C connectivity or your choice of wireless: 2.4 GHz for nearly lag-free input or Bluetooth 5.1 for easy, convenient connectivity all within 10m effective range. Under Bluetooth mode, CK721 allows users to pair 3 distinct profiles with 3 individual devices, allowing using to soft switch between them. The removable Type-C cable and wireless hybrid design means you can either choose a corded or cordless set up based on your own needs. This “hybrid” wireless tech makes the CK721 a versatile ‘work and play’ keyboard.
  • 3-way Customizable Dial: The precision 3-way dial gives you complete control over media volume, mute and backlighting LED with a single turn or a press— easily customizable via MasterPlus+ software.
  • Portable Compact 65% Layout & Soft Wrist Rest – The CK721 comes with a Soft Wrist Rest made of low-friction cloth to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions along with 65% compact layout and design, perfect for on-the-go use with mobile devices and laptops. 
  • Minimalistic Design: The CK721 is designed with simple, clean aesthetics and durability in mind. It features a Removable Sandblasted aluminum top cover, Ergonomic keycaps and a 65% format layout built with all the essentials. It is also equipped with Two-Step Keyboard Feet, which allows you to set up your keyboard at three adjustable keyboard angles.
  • Reliable Mechanical Switch: The CK721 uses durable TTC mechanical switches rated for 50 million+ key presses. All the responsiveness, accuracy, tactile satisfaction and durability you want from a mechanical keyboard. The CK721 is available in either Blue, Brown or Red switches, different colors based on your preferences. Improve your typing speed, accuracy and gaming potential now with the Cooler Master CK721 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard. 
  • Universal Compatibility: It doesn’t matter which side of the computer spectrum you fall on; the CK721 is virtually compatible with every modern device on the planet. That includes devices with: Windows 8 and above, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. And for maximum convenience, easily soft-switch between all devices with a simple keypress. 
  • Long-lasting Battery Life: Equipped with a 2000mAh battery, CK721 gives you long working hours for up to 73 hours when connected via Bluetooth, and up to 14 hours when connected via 2.4GHz wireless (with LED OFF), letting you fully focus on gaming/work.
  • Enhance your board with accessories: Coming soon there will be a braided coiled cable, PBT keycap sets and colored aluminum top plates for you to customize and truly make the CK721 yours. 

If you’re interested in the latest from Cooler Master, you can pre-order the CK721 wireless mechanical 65% keyboard from Amazon for US$119.99. Stay tuned as we’ll have a full review in the coming weeks.

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