Four new AMD Ryzen chips are rumored to release later this month

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AMD has been slowly gaining on Intel and taking over the processor market with their Ryzen name for about five years now. They’re on par with Intel’s chips and, in some cases, even better than what Intel has to offer. According to new rumors, AMD is looking to release four new processors based on their Zen 3 architecture. This information comes via Twitter and is based on a tweet from @MEGAsizedGPU.

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The new AMD Ryzen processors look to have a mid-tier range of cores and threads. As mentioned above, they are part of the Zen 3 architecture, more commonly known as the 5000 series Ryzen chips. Two processors will come with 6-cores while the other two will come with 8-cores. The Ryzen 5-5500 will have 6-cores with 6 threads and no support for SMT. The Ryzen 5-5600 will also have 6-cores but come with 12 threads. Keep in mind that there already is a 5600X out there, so this will more or less be the little brother to the “X/G” branding. The two 8-core chips will be the Ryzen 7-5700X and the Ryzen 7-5800X3D that AMD announced a few months ago. Both will come with 16-threads.

According to the rumor, these will be more affordable processors than AMD’s higher-end offerings. The 5500 will be offered at the same price as Intel’s 12100 Alder Lake processor, which comes in at US$122. As for the non-X/G 5600, it’ll supposedly be cheaper than the 12400 from Intel, which goes for less than $200. The 5700X will be cheaper than the 12600KF, which retails for $264. There hasn’t been any pricing for the 5800X3D yet, so we’ll have to wait and see once these chips are officially unveiled.

Competition in the industry is good for everyone, and AMD is still putting pressure on Intel. With AMD offering some decent desktop processors with similar specs to what Intel is offering at the same or lower price should allow some people who have been waiting to upgrade do so. I’m currently running the 3700X from AMD and have been looking to jump up to a 5000 series chip, so this could be my time.

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