Pre-orders are now live for the Positive Grid Spark MINI

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I recently reviewed the Donner DST-100T guitar kit, which came with an excellent Strat-style guitar and a small practice amp. While the guitar is fantastic, for the price, the amp is not so great. While it will get a beginner through for a bit, some players may want an upgrade. The Positive Grid Spark MINI might be an excellent choice for an upgrade.

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Positive Grid hit the mainstream with its Spark practice amp, which we still want to review, and initial impressions from users were great. The company has come back with the Spark MINI, which is an ultra-portable yet robust practice amp. The MINI is a small Bluetooth practice amp with up to 8-hours of battery life and a bevy of other amazing features. Here’s a rundown of some of the features and you can pre-order the MINI on the company’s website.

Positive Grid Spark MINI Features

Pre-orders are now live for the Positive Grid Spark MINI
  • Smart Jam Live: Create a virtual band to play along with: simply play guitar and Spark MINI can quickly generate multiple, inspiring bass and drum backing tracks based on the player’s style. From simple and laid back to complex and driving, the tracks will change throughout the song in real time based on the intensity of the guitarist’s playing.
  • Auto Chords: Learn millions of songs quicker and easier. Select any song and the Spark smart app will analyze and display its guitar chords in real time. It can also loop a section or slow down the tempo for learning difficult passages.
  • Video Capture: Use the Spark app to shoot video of a performance with high quality audio and upload it directly to social media.
  • EQ Scenarios: Whether using Spark MINI to casually listen to music with Bluetooth® streaming or to play guitar, custom onboard EQ scenarios are provided to ensure optimum sound.
  • 10,000+ Tones: Guitarists of all genres looking to kickstart their creativity can instantly access Spark MINI’s guitar tone presets, plus more than 10,000 additional tones for free on Positive Grid’s online ToneCloud community. Spark MINI is also stocked with a treasure trove of 33 ultra-realistic guitar amp models and 43 effects for thousands of sonic possibilities.
  • Home Recording: Simply connect Spark MINI to a computer with its built-in USB audio interface, and record songs or riffs using the included PreSonus Studio One, or any digital audio workstation software or platform. Spark MINI’s Smart Out allows players to choose between headphones or line out for versatile listening.

With a long-life rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours of use), Spark MINI can transform any setting into a personal creative space. Use it to stream music, podcasts and any form of audio from a computer or mobile device, or pick up a guitar and learn a song or jam along. Its compact size, timeless aesthetic and sturdy build make it ideal for use at home, work, on the go and in any setting.

“Positive Grid is known for combining innovative product design and music tech to enhance people’s enjoyment of music,” shares Senior VP of Marketing, Laura B. Whitmore. “Spark MINI also breaks down creative barriers and helps people get the most out of their personal time, whether it’s streaming music for home entertainment, playing the guitar during their lunch break, or learning a new musical hobby.”

Spark MINI features two angled, full-range stereo speakers that offer multi-directional sound and clear channel separation. A downward-facing bass boost pumps out big sonic power and a tight and punchy bass performance, unheard of until now in an amp this size.

Easy-to-use knobs and the free Spark smart app encourage anyone who’s ever wanted to learn to play the guitar. The app engages with users in realtime to help them learn to play songs more easily; it provides a virtual backing band for them to play with; and even lets them share their performance with the world. Spark MINI also inherits the latest smart tech guitar features from Positive Grid’s Spark 40 guitar amplifier, the #1 best selling guitar practice amp on the market, with over 300,000 users that Guitar World called “…a truly revolutionary tool that will quickly improve anyone’s playing.”

Positive Grid

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Last Updated on March 19, 2022.


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