[Infographic] Using technology to plan an outdoor exploration


Technology and societal praise of productivity are taking a toll on our ability to disconnect. Americans have trouble playing as hard as they work. Adults in the United States invest substantial hours in their occupation and, increasingly, screentime, failing to make up for the time in leisure. Throughout their lifetime, the average U.S. adult, with an eighty-year lifespan, spends 328 days socializing and a whopping 13.2 years working. Maybe we need more outdoor exploration?

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The weekly totals for productivity distribution among Americans are jarring. On average, U.S. adults spend 5.3 hours checking job-related emails outside of work hours and 4 hours scrolling through social media feeds each week. Daily, in 2021, the average American user spent 33 minutes on Facebook, 32 on TikTok, 31 on Twitter, 29 on Instagram, and 28 on Snapchat, draining over two and a half hours of each 24-hour cycle.

Traveling into the great outdoors accommodates a wide range of budgets and a continuum of sophistication. A budget-friendly way to immerse yourself in nature is through tenting. Tent camping costs an average of $0 to $30 per day and an average total of $138 for camping supplies and preparation. With the ability to choose your post, tents cater to your preferred vacation environment.

Roadtripping via RVs offers convenience, especially for excursions requiring high mileage. Requiring an average of $150 to $850 per day, smaller RVs provide flexibility and ease, while larger ones can offer a more comfortable and luxurious experience. An emerging trend, glamping gives the polished affair that resorts offer while keeping you in the heart of the natural world. With an enormous price range from $50 to $3,000 per day, glamping provides the amenities and comforts of hotel stays and the immersion in nature that new campers may seek or long-time campers may crave in comfort.

Take a break from screens and the pressure to stay connected by exploring and savoring the magnificent natural world around us.

[Infographic] Using tech to plan an outdoor exploration

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