Lotus announces the Lotus Eletre, its electric “Hyper-SUV”


You may or may not know the car company Lotus, but they have made some very lovely vehicles over the years. Now, the company has announced the Lotus Eletre, which it is calling a Hyper-SUV. The electric car market continues to grow, and pretty much every manufacturer wants in on the action.

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Here’s a bit of info from the Lotus Eletre press release sent to us, followed by a video produced by AutoTrader and some bullet points provided by Lotus.

Known until two days ago only by its Lotus codename, Type 132, the Lotus Eletre is a globally relevant product, a shining halo of sustainable mobility for a worldwide audience. Embodying emotion, intelligence and prestige, it extends the reach of the Lotus name, badge and renowned driver engagement to a new audience.

A bold new dimension to the Lotus performance car portfolio, the Eletre delivers a significant number of firsts for Lotus – the first five-door production car, the first model outside sports car segments, the first lifestyle EV, the most ‘connected’ Lotus ever. And yet it remains a true Lotus, a beautiful car ‘carved by air’, packed with pioneering technology, genuine sporting performance and simplicity of purpose, designed and developed by a passionate and global team. The Lotus Eletre is alive with character and personality.

The Eletre is 4WD, has a battery capacity that’s over 100kWh and with power from 600hp. A 350kW charger will deliver a 400km (248 miles) range in just 20 minutes. The car’s target maximum WLTP driving range is c.600km (c.373 miles). It also comes with the ability as standard to accept 22kW AC charging which, where available, reduces the time plugged in.

Technology includes the most advanced active aerodynamics package on any production SUV, and intelligent driving technologies such as the world’s first deployable Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system in a production car. Add in a dynamic walk-up sequence that delivers a moment of theatre every time the driver approaches the car, and it’s clear the Eletre is making a simple statement – this is Lotus reinvented, the birth of a new icon into the Lotus stable.

  • All-new and all-electric Hyper-SUV from Lotus
  • Bold, progressive, and exotic, with iconic sports car DNA evolved for the next generation of Lotus customers
  • The soul of a Lotus with the usability of an SUV
  • “A momentous point in our history” – Matt Windle, MD, Lotus Car
  • “The Eletre, our Hyper-SUV, is for those who dare to look beyond the conventional and marks a turning point for our business and brand” – Qingfeng Feng, CEO, Group Lotus
  • First of three new Lotus lifestyle EVs in the next four years, with design language inspired by the world’s first British EV hypercar, the award-winning Lotus Evija
  • ‘Born British, Raised Globally’ – UK-led design, with engineering support from Lotus teams around the world
  • Carved by air: unique Lotus design ‘porosity’ means air flows through the vehicle for improved aerodynamics, speed, range, and overall efficiency
  • Power outputs starting at 600hp
  • 350kW charge time of just 20 minutes for 400km (248 miles) of driving, accepts 22kW AC charging
  • Target driving range of c.600km (c.373 miles) on a full charge
  • Lotus Eletre joins exclusive ‘The Two-Second Club’ – capable of 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in less than three seconds
  • Most advanced active aerodynamics package on any production SUV
  • World-first deployable LIDAR technology in a production car to support intelligent driving technologies
  • Extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum for weight reduction throughout
  • Interior includes highly durable man-made textiles and sustainable lightweight wool blends
  • Manufacturing at an all-new hi-tech facility in China to start later this year

The Lotus Eletre is on sale now across global markets, with the first customer deliveries in 2023 beginning in China, the UK, and Europe. For more information and to reserve your Lotus Eletre, please visit the Lotus website.

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Last Updated on May 31, 2023.


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