Olive Union unveils its Olive Max 2-in-1 TWS earbuds and hearing aids


Olive Union is one company that makes devices for a select few, but in reality, anyone can use their devices. The Olive Union Pro 2-in-1 hearing aids debuted in 2020, and the company did well with them. Now it’s 2022, and the brand new Olive Max have been unveiled.

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Hearing loss is a real thing for many young and old alike. The company has been making devices to help those with hearing loss, and the new Olive Max look to be their best effort yet. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say about the new device.

Olive Union Olive Max

Olive Union – the global firm at the intersection of hearing accessibility and technology – is opening pre-orders today for its all-new Olive Max 2-in-1 true wireless earbuds and hearing aids. The next-gen Olive Max features cutting-edge adaptable sound settings and a sleek wraparound design that resembles today’s popular consumer earbuds rather than traditional hearing aids. With Olive Max, Olive is continuing its efforts to combat the social and economic barriers to hearing aid adoption using innovative design and technology. Olive Max is available for pre-order today and is slated to ship in Q4 2022 with a special limited-time price of $299 (MSRP $549).

Olive Max is built on-top of the success of Olive Pro, with feedback from its 10K+ users heavily embedded into the DNA of the new flagship product. The most heavily requested feature – adaptive hearing – will debut with the Olive Max, providing wearers with unparalleled hearing in any environment, automatically. As Olive Max users wear the earbuds, artificial intelligence will continue to learn and improve the adaptive hearing experience, using advanced machine learning technology to customize sound settings to the specific user’s environment.

For decades, hearing aid technology and design has stagnated – big, clunky devices that stick out like sore thumbs. But today, true wireless earbuds are everywhere, allowing Olive to make design decisions that create hearing health technology that look, feel and function just like them – so only the wearer decides if someone should know about their hearing health. With Olive Max, Olive purpose-built a new secure hooked design, to create a more stable listening experience regardless of setting, and also add more critical internal components for extended battery life, improved AI and powerful sound.

A new voice auto-focus feature and improved components, like an all-new advanced ‘S2’ sound engine, allow Olive Max to channel AI for better voice detection and background noise filtering and reduction. Olive Max detects voices and noises with incredible accuracy that can even filter out background noise without distorting the user’s own voice. With six omni-directional dynamic range microphones, voices and background noises are identified and filtered with more precision than ever before.


Olive Union unveils its Olive Max 2-in-1 TWS earbuds and hearing aids
  • FDA Class 2 Hearing Aid with support for mild to severe hearing loss.
  • Up to 8-hours of battery life on a single charge, or more than 18 hours with a charging case.
  • True wireless music listening and hands-free calling.
  • Quick setup with 5-minute hearing test on iOS or Android devices; no appointment needed.
  • Olive Max is available for pre-order today with a special limited-time price of $299 (MSRP $549). For more information, visit max.oliveunion.com

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