Looking for a light multi-genre gaming mouse? SteelSeries has you covered


Many gamers these days are after lighter gaming mice. If you’re looking for a light gaming mouse you can use for different gaming genres, SteelSeries has you covered with the new Aerox 5, Aerox 5 Wireless, and Aerox 9 Wireless gaming mice.

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With their hollowed-out honeycomb design, the latest gaming mice from SteelSeries weigh as little as 66g. The reduced weight allows gamers to move the mouse faster, with less fatigue over long gaming sessions. The three Aerox mice also have customizable buttons, with the Aerox 9 Wireless sporting 12 buttons for MMO and MOBAs. Battery life is a huge consideration when gaming and the wireless models give gamers over 40 hours of use with a mere 15-minute charge.

Features of the new mice from SteelSeries include:

SteelSeries Aerox 5 – LIGHTning Fast. The lightest multi-genre mouse on the planet barely registers on the scales at a featherlight 66g. Combining ultra-lightweight design with 9 programmable buttons, the Aerox 5 provides players true versatility and the ability to adapt to whatever game or genre they play in an instant. The TrueMove Air sensor and 100% Virgin Grade PTFE feet ensure that every swipe is effortless and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, while our Golden Micro IP54 switches mean every shot is registered exactly as a player wants it to be. Brilliant PrismSync Lighting provides 3 RGB zones and a water-resistant AquaBarrier™ provides an IP54 safety rating – providing peace of mind from spills and accidents.

SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wireless – Fusing Customization x Unleashed Performance. The lightest multi-genre wireless mouse on the planet weighs in at 74g while providing up to 180 hours of battery life.  A mere 15-minute charging provides 40+ hours of use. Utilizing Quantum 2.0 Wireless and Bluetooth, gamers can play with truly untethered ultralight freedom on multiple devices for longer than ever before. 9 programmable buttons and the TrueMove Air Sensor deliver unrivaled precision and accuracy.

SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless – The Ultimate MOBA and MMO mouse. Bringing the first true innovation to the MMO and MOBA genre in years, the Aerox 9 Wireless weighs just 89g, while giving users access to 12 programmable thumb buttons. The Aerox 9 Wireless utilizes Quantum 2.0 Wireless and Bluetooth for connectivity, next-gen Golden Micro IP54 Switches (rated for 80M clicks [3x the durability found in other gaming mice]), a TrueMove Air gaming sensor, and IP54 rated AquaBarrier™ protection. To keep players cable-free for longer, the lightest MMO/MOBA mouse on the planet delivers up to 180 hours of battery life, with fast recharging capabilities, giving gamers 40+ hours in just 15 minutes.

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Now available from SteelSeries and Amazon, the Aerox 5 retails for US$79.99, the Aerox 5 Wireless for US$139.99, and the Aerox 9 Wireless for US$149.99.

What do you think about the new SteelSeries Aerox 5, Aerox 5 Wireless, and Aerox 9 Wireless gaming mice? Are you going to be picking one up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.

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