It’s cookout season, here’s how you can use technology to elevate your cookout


The humble cookout is a great opportunity to get friends and family together when the weather is nice. You can bond with people you haven’t seen in a while over great food and music.

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You can bring your gathering up to modern standards by employing technology, making things easy for you. Here are some must-haves that will greatly improve the quality of your cookout.

1. Grill-Cleaning Robot

You might spend a lot of time cleaning your equipment when you want to spend time eating and socializing with loved ones. A grill-cleaning robot saves you time and cleans thoroughly, much like a Roomba vacuum can clean your home.

These automatic cleaners get to work at the press of a button. Sit back and let it do all the cleaning while you catch up with your guests over a good burger.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers are a must-have at any gathering. Playing music can set the mood for your whole party, and it helps to find out what kind of tunes your guests prefer. Most people seem to like rock or pop, which would work great for any party.

You might also add country music to your playlist if your audience enjoys it. Just remember to use a Bluetooth speaker so you can play music directly from your phone at a much louder volume that everyone can enjoy.

3. Ice Maker

One thing you definitely need on a hot summer day is a lot of ice. Most Americans prefer ice in their drinks, so you would be remiss if you didn’t include it in your get-together. Collecting bags of ice for your cookout is a thing of the past. Now, you can rely on devices to promptly convert water to ice to fill up coolers and your guests’ drinks.

4. Rapid Drink Chiller

No one likes warm drinks. Some people may think the only alternative to keeping a beverage cool is to drink it as soon as they’re outside, but you can enjoy it on your own time. Chilling machines do their jobs quickly — sometimes in under a minute. It’s also great for wines that should be kept cool.

5. Smaller Appliances

You want to spend as much time outdoors as you can in the summer. The last thing you want to do is cook indoors and heat your whole house.

You can rely on smaller appliances that don’t put out as much heat, such as a toaster oven, and keep them outdoors for cookouts when possible. They also often cook food faster, so they’re worth looking into for your next big get-together.

6. Grill Lights

Do you want your cookout to last all night? Keep grilling food in the dark with lights that clamp onto your grill and provide ample illumination. You need lights if you plan to grill out in any season where it gets dark earlier, such as the warm days of fall. They’re a must-have that will make your life much easier.

JBL PartyBox 710 Feature
The JBL PartyBox is a great cookout addition.

7. Smart Meat Thermometer

Are you tired of questioning when your food is ready? A smart meat thermometer can tell you the temperature right away to ensure it’s safe to eat. Some might even have app capabilities, meaning you can get an answer on your phone when you test the food.

A smart meat thermometer is also an excellent option for people who aren’t entirely used to grilling yet. A newbie would benefit from using one to learn the temperature they should cook at, as well as for how long they should grill. It works well as a training tool and is ideal for grillers of all skill levels.

8. Digital Scale

A digital scale is a great way to measure ingredients. You can ensure everyone gets the same amount and won’t run out of things. It can also help people lose or maintain their weight, so it can be helpful when preparing food for someone who has to follow a specific diet. It’s a perfect kitchen tool that can spice up your cooking in any situation, not just cookouts.

9. Smart Cooler

Smart coolers come in many varieties with several unique features. Some of them include Bluetooth speakers that can play your favorite tunes, while others might have lights or a camera to help you keep an eye on things around your cooler. They also do an excellent job of keeping your items cool. You might pay a hefty price for this technology, but it’s worth every cent.

10. Electric Lighter

Consider replacing your regular lighter with a more eco-friendly counterpart. Traditional lighters aren’t recyclable because of the materials they’re made out of, so you risk them ending up in landfills or nature, potentially harming wildlife.

A reusable, electric lighter is better for the environment, and one charge is good for around 300 uses, meaning it can last you through this barbecue season and the next.

Bring Your Cookout Into the 21st Century

Technological progress makes people’s lives easier. You don’t have the grill the old way anymore — you can take advantage of some of this new technology to make the process easier. Spend more time talking with your loved ones instead of standing around a grill scrubbing it clean so you can enjoy your cookouts to the fullest.

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