iOS, once again, may adopt a long-standing Android feature; the always-on display


The always-on display is a feature that has been on Android for a very long time. This feature is one of my favorite features on Android, and it’s been helpful since Samsung and others started using it. Many features on Android eventually came to iOS, like 120Hz refresh displays and widgets.

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Apple is much more conservative with features that it deems unnecessary for the best user experience. They tend to do more testing and vetting of features before ever thinking about bringing something like always-on display to its platform. Now, rumor has it that iOS will finally be getting the always-on display starting with iPhone 14.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is set to happen soon and with that come rumors and speculation. Mark Gurman covers Apple leaks, and the information about an upcoming change to the iOS lockscreen is one of his more significant pieces of news.

Mark Gurman says that iOS 16 will make significant changes to the lock screen. While the lock screen isn’t the area where many actions happen, iOS 16 may change that. There are rumors about an always-on lock screen, which iPhone has lacked for years now. Along with that, the new OS could also bring wallpapers that have widget-like capabilities.

The latest models of the Apple Watch already have this feature, which needs to be on iPhone too. Gurman shared that even this upgrade would be present in only the two of the four upcoming iPhone 14 variants. So, if you crave an always-on display experience, you will need to choose between the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apart from the revamped lock screen and the always-on display feature, there are rumors about enhanced multitasking and windowing support. Multitasking on an iPad would become more functional with the introduction of windowing support.


While this news will undoubtedly set off the fanboy wars, Android users mock iOS users for being late to the party. It will be a welcome feature for those of us who use both ecosystems, albeit a little late.

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