The 21,000mAh Oukitel WP19 was made for those who complain about battery life


Modern smartphones have only gotten better in terms of battery life. Some phones could use larger cells, but the balance between staying pocketable and delivering good battery life is complicated. Still, even with all the improvements, a small subset of users never seem to be happy with smartphone battery life. So Oukitel is doing something about it.

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The Oukitel WP19 is a 21,000 mAh smartphone that should last users up to a week without needing to be plugged in. The company is based in China, and users can purchase the phone through AliExpress; some of their models are on Amazon.

Battery life is estimated at one week with 36-hours of video playback, 122 hours of call time, 123 hours of music playback, and 2,252 hours of standby time. The WP19 also has reverse wired charging, so you can embarrass your friends when their smartphones need a jolt of juice.

It takes 4-hours, using 27W wired charging, to charge the Oukitel WP19 back up to full. Besides the massive battery, there’s not much exciting about this mid-range spec’ed phone. The processor is a Mediatek Helio G95 4G SoC, it has 8GB of RAM, a 6.78″ FHD+ display that runs at 90Hz, and you can expand the storage to 256GB with an SD card. Like many other phones today, the WP19 has three cameras and comes with Android 12 installed.

The main hero feature of this phone is the 21,000mAh battery. For that and the other specs, you will have to dish out around $744 on AliExpress. You can check out more about the Oukitel WP19 on the company’s website.

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