Time flies; so long, Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer was one of the first web browsers you could use on your Windows PC. The browser has always received a mixed reception as it could be helpful and frustrating simultaneously. Most of us agree that the frustrations far outweighed the helpfulness. LOL.

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Just over a year ago, Microsoft announced that it would no longer support Internet Explorer starting June 15, 2022. The company has been encouraging customers to move to Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based product, in anticipation of the sunsetting of Internet Explorer.

Shockingly, many users continue to use Internet Explorer, even after the warnings from Microsoft. Though the company seems to have anticipated moving people to a new browser would be challenging.

Microsoft has tried to prepare customers for this event for years. In 2019, before it declared the end date for IE, Microsoft execs declared IE 11 a “compatibility solution” that should not be used as the default browser.

That’s because Microsoft is well aware of how long it can take to wean users off a major version of a browser. The company retired IE6 in 2014, 14 years after that browser shipped with Windows XP, with a final patch for IE6 in January 2016. But it spent many years before that imploring businesses to ditch IE6 because of its outdated security design.


These days, there are multiple browsers to choose from. Many of the more popular browsers are all Chromium-based, like Microsoft Edge. There are options such as Brave, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and many more. I have been using Brave Browser in conjunction with Startpage for search.

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