The Pivo Equestrian Edition wants to help you improve your riding skills


I have to admit; that I do not personally know a professional or semi-professional horse rider. I do know people who have horses and ride them, but that is the extent of my contact with horses. That being said, I love horses, and I think professional equestrians are pretty darn cool. So not knowing how many of you are equestrians, I felt that the Pivo Equestrian Edition might pique your interest.

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The technology used in the Pivo Equestrian Editon isn’t anything new; similar products are made for bloggers and videographers. But the Pivo Equestrian Edition is squarely aimed at helping riders become better by providing an analysis of their riding sessions.

The Pivo Equestrian Edition is a smartphone (iOS or Android) mount that can track a horse while in motion within a contained environment such as a round pen or corral. This means that anyone with a smartphone can now create dynamic training videos that capture their every move while riding their horse.

The Pivo Equestrian Edition also includes a Video Call feature that will allow a coach to train a rider from a remote location.

“We’ve discovered that equestrians are very enthusiastic about capturing, and improving, their riding skills by using Pivo’s motion tracking technology,” enthused CEO, Ken Kim. “The Pivo Equestrian Edition helps them improve their riding skills, whether they’re riding solo or working with a trainer from a remote location. The feedback we’ve received from equestrians around the world has been so positive that we created the Equestrian Edition to meet their specific needs.”


Pivo Equestrian Edition Features

The Pivo Equestrian Edition wants to help you improve your riding skills
  • AI Tracking technology ensures smooth video capture of both horse and rider 
  • Track and analyze every step, gate, jump, and gallop while practicing
  • 360-degree rotation can capture a complete rotation within a pen or corral
  • 4 tracking speeds ranging from slow, normal, fast and frenzy
  • Auto Zoom intelligently adjusts the shot to keep the horse and rider in frame
  • Video Call feature allows for remote communication between a rider and a trainer 
  • Smart Capture feature takes photographs of horse and rider using voice commands
  • Multiple accessories including a carry case make it convenient to carry anywhere
  • Affordable and portable and good for equestrians of all ages
  • Works indoors and outdoors

There are a couple of different versions of the Pivo Equestrian Edtion with different price points. The company also has some sale pricing going on so be sure to check out the Pivo website for more info.

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