Meta Platforms will be selling designer outfits for avatars in the Metaverse


Meta Platforms is the parent company of Facebook and the company that is creating its Metaverse virtual world. Many big tech companies are banking on virtual worlds to be the next big thing. The vision is that people will socialize, shop, and even attend events within the Metaverse.

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But living in the virtual world means you need a virtual body, and that virtual body needs clothing, depending on which virtual world you inhabit. So Meta Platforms has devised a plan to monetize avatar clothing within the Metaverse.

Virtual outfits are already available, but these are basic, and some users may want to personalize their outfits further. Meta Platforms and designers such as Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne are making their designs available to users within the Metaverse.

But if you’re worried about the designer prices, Meta Platforms says don’t be. These outfits will range in price from US$2.99 to US$8.99, far less than their real-world counterparts.

Zuckerberg said he hoped to build the store out into an open marketplace where developers can create and sell a wide array of digital clothes.

Avatars have emerged as one way for Meta to link user identity across Facebook, Instagram and its other services, as it increasingly ties the platforms together and steers toward building an immersive “metaverse” of shared, interconnected digital worlds where users can gather.


Meta Platforms has redesigned its avatars and is expected to continue refining them in an attempt to make the virtual world experience more realistic. We’re not sold on these new virtual worlds, but many people are enjoying them as we speak; only time will tell if they become the future.

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