ZVOX announces its AV355 soundbar with dialogue clarification technology

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ZVOX has introduced a freshly designed ultra-slim soundbar, the AV355. This low-profile speaker is the latest in ZVOX’s AccuVoice TV speakers. The soundbar offers six levels of the company’s patented hearing aid technology that lifts voices out from the rest of the soundtrack and six levels of its new SuperVoice technology, which “softens” background sounds so they don’t interfere with voice intelligibility.

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The ZVOX algorithms boost and clarify voices without significant volume or tonal change to other soundtrack parts. The AV355 is available now on the company’s website, Amazon, and Walmart for US$199.99. Here is what the company’s press release had to say about the new AV355.

ZVOX announces its AV355 soundbar with dialogue clarification technology

The AV355 includes both digital and analog input options so it works with virtually any TV. The big, immersive sound is generated by three high-performance speakers with powerful neodymium magnets, along with a “virtual subwoofer” technology for extra bass. It also includes another ZVOX signature innovation, its Output Leveling feature that tames loud commercials instantly. The speaker has voice assistant compatibility so users can connect it with Amazon® Echo® products. Finally, ZVOX’s PhaseCue® virtual surround technology delivers the room-filling 3D sound from this compact sound bar cabinet measuring 24” w x 2.2” h x 3.5” d. The AV355 is housed in a sleek, black molded cabinet with a colored steel grille available in black, bronze or graphite.

The AV355 is purpose-designed to merge seamlessly and effortlessly with a user’s current home entertainment system. For total user convenience, it can easily be programmed to work with any remote control. The inconspicuous yet elegant molded cabinet is strong and light, with a large, easy-to-read display that makes set-up and control a snap. And at just 24″ wide and 2.2” high, the AV355 fits about anywhere and is easy to install either above, below, or next to any flatscreen TV.

Noted ZVOX CEO Tom Hannaher. “Our proprietary AccuVoice technology is the ‘gold standard’ for clear voice reproduction. We have implemented a number of techniques used in the world of audiology to make dialogue easy to understand, even at low volumes. But the AV355 also excels with music and big movie soundtracks. The neodymium speakers create big, high-fidelity sound including surprising bass out of a slim, stylish cabinet that fits underneath most TVs.”

The new AV355 is priced at US$199.99 and can be found at the links above from Walmart, Amazon, and the company’s website.

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