You probably have more screenshots in photo storage than you realize

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Screenshots. People can use them for many reasons; whether to save a recipe for later or catch a significant other in a lie, screenshots are a part of our digital lives. Some even refer to these captures as “keeping receipts.”

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While screenshots do serve a purpose, something different for each one of us, they also accumulate in your digital storage box. Many users have some sort of cloud storage where they back up their mobile phone contents. Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox, and many others all offer the ability to back up a device’s camera roll automatically.

I used Google Photos for years until recently, when they no longer offered free storage; I switched to iCloud. Yesterday, I received a notice from Google that my storage was getting full. As I investigated and searched for ways to free storage up, I was able to do that by cleaning up my Gmail and deleting some unused Techaeris video footage.

But I noticed that Google said I had 2GB worth of screenshots. So on my desktop, I went to Google Photos and searched “screenshots” and “screenshot.” To my surprise, I had screenshots from 2021 back to 2013! As I began looking through them, I realized that most were pure junk: old conversations, Android setups, giveaway entries, and all sorts of other garbage.

I began the process of deleting these screenshots; thankfully, Google Photos features multiple selection by day, so many of them were batch deleted. What I found amazing was that I had nearly 10,000 files that I deleted. How and why on earth did I screenshot so many things! I also might add, that this is a great way to see your past self and appreciate the growth you have experienced. Or you may find you haven’t changed one bit, LOL!

So, if your cloud storage is getting full and you need to free up some space, I suggest you check to see if you have a large number of screenshots that you can delete.

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