A new report says U.S. Google Pixel users are unhappy with their phones

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A new report from Trading Platforms claims that United States Google Pixel users are unhappy with their Google smartphones. Like any other smartphone, the Google Pixel has had its fair share of issues. But according to Trading Platforms, 36% of Pixel users are unhappy enough to switch to an alternative brand.

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TradingPlatform’s Edith Reads says Google’s latest smartphone models, despite mostly positive reviews, seem to have a hard time keeping up with their rivals in terms of customer experience. Additionally, Google and its Google Pixel phones gained popularity early on for at least the first few generations but not anymore.

Recently, consumers have reported many bugs and other concerns with their new Pixels devices. Additionally, some analysts believe the problems are down to hardware issues that plague many Pixel owners, not to mention it had the shortest lifespan. This is what the report had to say about the situation.

Google Pixel Problems

Google Pixel 6a hero new min
Google Pixel 6a Android smartphone.

Some of the most prevalent concerns with the Google Pixel that lead people to switch to other brands include the following.

For the first time, the Pixel 6 series has a fingerprint scanner integrated into the display. Unfortunately, as a result, many people find that the fingerprint sensor on their Pixel 6 is slow or not working.

Some Pixel owners are having issues charging their devices. Charge times for the Pixel devices are slower than planned compared to other brands. The more severe problem is that some chargers and cords from third parties appear to be incompatible. 

The fact that Google doesn’t offer a charger makes this even more concerning. It’s possible that chargers that use a USB-A to USB-C cord won’t function, too.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro displays are spectacular when they’re working. However, users have reported several faults with the phone’s display. 

They range from screen flickering and refresh rate issues to a green tint and the shocking problem of the screen periodically cracking with no physical impact. Moreover, the auto-brightness feature on many Pixel phones fails to work sometimes.

However, in the future, to maintain a flourishing business and rule over the business market under competition, Google must come up with better solutions to cope with software bugs present in Pixel phones. Google should also roll out quality control processes and ensure timely support to its users. And finally, it should incorporate a more user-friendly interface.

Trading Platforms

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