MeWe adds a new Discover tab in users’ news feeds


Social media platforms have sprouted up everywhere, from GETTR and GAB to Parler and Truth Social. But before all of those platforms existed, there was MeWe. MeWe sprouted up after the fallout of Google+. MeWe is where I would consider Techaeris to be “at home” in the social media world.

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I joined the platform before Google+ shut down and started our Techaeris page around the same time. The Techaeris page has grown to over 47K followers, and our audience there is easily the most engaged from any of the platforms we are on. So we covered a lot of MeWe news over the years but have since tapered off.

But now, the company has made a few improvements to the user experience that I think will bring a little value to the timeline. You can now choose some of your favorite topics, allowing MeWe to curate content for you in your Discover news feed. You should get a notification at the top of your feed asking if you want to try the new feature; upon clicking yes, you’re presented with topics to choose from.

MeWe adds a new Discover tab in users' news feeds

Once you make your selections, you will see a new menu at the top that says News Feed: All, Contacts, Groups, Pages, and Discover. This allows you to filter your news feed by each selection which is a nice touch.

MeWe News Feed min

MeWe also announced a new “Mute Your Groups in Your Newsfeed” feature. Here’s what the announcement had to say about that.

Many of you have requested this feature – and we heard you!

Now you have the ability to join all the groups you’d like to be a member of, and at the same time selectively mute any groups in your feed at anytime (on a group by group basis) so that their posts don’t jam up your newsfeeds when you don’t want them to.

This feature makes it easier for you to join new groups, mute and un-mute their posts, and you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your newsfeeds.

You can mute groups in your newsfeeds by selecting the top right corner of the group’s post and then selecting “Mute posts from this group”. Alternatively, you can go inside the group and then go to Settings, and then mute or un-mute the group’s posts from there.

This great new MeWe feature is on all your devices – iOS, Android, and desktop.


In my estimation, the other social media platforms are pandering to politics while MeWe seems to be concentrating on just making a good social platform. There are political discussions on the platform, no doubt, but it seems less toxic than Twitter or the other alternatives.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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