First Look: Original sci-fi series SALVAGE MARINES set to premiere on Popcornflix July 28th


We rarely get an exclusive first look at upcoming movies and TV shows. So when Crackle Plus reached out and asked if we wanted a sneak peek at the new original sci-fi series SALVAGE MARINES premiering on Popcornflix. Well, we said yes. SALVAGE MARINES stars Casper Van Dien from Starship Troopers, Peter Shinkoda from iROBOT, Jennifer Wenger from Tales of Halloween, and Armand Assante from American Gangster.

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SALVAGE MARINES tells the story of a grim future of corporate tyranny and deep space combat, where Samuel Hyst (Van Dien) can barely make ends meet as a factory laborer, daring not to dream of a life beyond the polluted industrial planet of Baen 6. Everything changes when his young wife, Sura, reveals that she is pregnant, and Samuel is faced with the harsh reality that his child will be born into the same servitude that he was.

Determined to create a better life for his growing family, Samuel and his best friend Ben Takeda (Shinkoda) sign up for the hazardous life of a salvage marine, the foot soldiers of a militarized deep space operation.

The sci-fi action series, premiering exclusively on Popcornflix, is based on books 1-3 of the Necrospace book series written by Sean-Michael Argo. The series was created by Raphael Jordan, Jamie R. Thompson, and Sean-Michael Argo and directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino. Here’s a first look, not the official trailer, of SALVAGE MARINES:

SALVAGE MARINES is a fantastic homage to the pulp sci-fi films and TV shows of the mid-90s that made Casper Van Dien a star,” said Jeff Meier, head of programming for Crackle Plus. “We’re excited for this explosive premiere and look forward to drawing the Popcornflix audience into the deep-space heroics of the Salvage Marines!”

“This show holds a special place in my heart as a huge fan of all the classic sci-fi I loved growing up,” said series lead and co-executive producer Casper Van Dien. “Popcornflix is the perfect place to launch this adrenaline-fueled series for all fans to enjoy for free!”

Crackle Plus

SALVAGE MARINES will be premiering on Popcornflix, a free app on Roku, FireTV, Samsung TV, LG TV, AppleTV, Android TV, IOS, Android mobile, and tablets, as well as on desktop. SALVAGE MARINES is produced by ORWO Studios and Telegael in association with Black Hangar Studios and Lighthouse Pictures and is distributed in the U.S. by Screen Media.

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