Eight fitness apparel technologies that are changing your workouts


When it comes to fitness, you want the best of the best. You want to use top-of-the-line equipment to reach your goals, and you also need to have the right workout gear. Good gear goes beyond things like gloves — it includes your apparel.

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Not everyone dresses up or matches when they go to the gym, but you should start paying more attention to the clothes you choose to wear during your workouts. These fitness apparel technologies may just change your mind about what’s most important.

1. Compression Fabric

Compression fabric is something almost everyone who works out is aware of. It’s a masterful combination of nylon and spandex, specifically made to help athletes.

This material improves the wearer’s circulation, making it great for anything from muscle recovery to supporting health in those with conditions that affect their circulation. It has a bit of stretch to it, and it’s a durable fabric that stands up to daily wear and tear.

2. Reflective Fabric

In today’s busy world, many people don’t have the time to work out in the morning or during the day. They might have to get their workout in at night, which can help them sleep better if it’s not right before bedtime.

If they don’t visit a gym, they might opt to run or jog around a neighborhood or other populated place. Reflective fabric provides peace of mind that they’ll be seen by car headlights or anyone else passing through. It makes working out at night much safer than before.

3. Cooling Fabric

Cooling fabric is a must-have for anyone working out in the heat. It keeps you cool during your workout, whether you’re hiking or running on a treadmill. Its heat-conducting properties are like stainless steel, so intense that it could revolutionize how quickly electronic devices cool down in the heat. It’s a versatile fabric that will change the way you look at your workouts.

4. Sweat-Wicking Fabric

Sweating is a part of any good workout, but it can be detrimental to your overall performance. Too much sweat can lead to overheating, which can be dangerous. Sweat-wicking fabric can keep you dry and comfortable, so you can continue your workout and don’t have to worry about feeling drenched or overheating. It isn’t the same as cooling fabric, but it can make your workouts so much easier and keep you cool simultaneously, motivating you to challenge yourself further.

Eight fitness apparel technologies that are changing your workouts
Sweat-wicking fabric is one fitness apparel technology that’s worth it.

5. Quick-Drying Fabric

Fast-drying fabric is a must-have when you’re anticipating sweating a lot. If you can’t get sweat-wicking material, you can at least look for workout clothes that promise to dry quickly. You won’t have to worry about feeling drenched in your own sweat, which will lead to a much more comfortable workout session. The clothing will dry quickly once you take it off, so you can pack them in a gym bag to go home without worrying about them soaking everything else inside.

6. Ventilating Fabric

Ventilating fabric is a great way to increase airflow to your body while you’re working out. The vents can keep you cool and prevent your drenched clothing from sticking to you. It’s a way to air out your body while you’re exercising.

These items allow your skin to “breathe” better. Some clothing in the future may open and close vents to release heat on their own, but until then, the ventilating fabric usually exists in the form of a zipper or other closure you can alter. You might also see mesh pockets on workout clothing — it does the same thing.

7. Antimicrobial Fabric

Sweat smells bad sometimes, but it’s normal. It’s the bacteria that makes the smell, not the perspiration itself. If you hate how you smell after workouts or just don’t want to potentially stink at the gym, antimicrobial fabric is the best workout clothing for you.

The FDA carefully regulates antimicrobial clothing, so you can rest assured that your workout gear is ready to either slow the spread of harmful bacteria or eliminate it altogether. This kind of fabric works the same way as soap to rid your hands of any viruses or sickness-inducing particulate matter.

8. Thermal Fabric

Workout clothes with thermal technology have been designed to keep the wearer warm, no matter the temperature. It’s perfect for an outdoor workout in the colder months, but you must rely on more than just one layer of thermal fabric. Though it traps heat and can keep you warm, it won’t do well on its own against the cold. Cold-weather workouts also call for gloves, socks, hats and hand warmers to provide even more protection from the elements.

Choose the Right Gear, Head to Toe

You must know the best methods to get the desired result when you visit the gym or work out from home. You also need the right equipment — so pick your clothes carefully. These cutting-edge fabrics and technologies can give you a better workout. They might cost more than their simpler counterparts, but the benefits they can provide you are well worth it. Step up your exercise game by searching for fabrics that will change the way you work out for the better.

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