Rippaverse Comics and its first character Isom has me excited about comics again


The world has changed; it is the way of things. I was born in the mid-70s and lived my childhood throughout the 80s. There was no internet, computers existed, but not many people owned them, at least where I grew up. I grew up poor, but I started earning my own money when I was ten years old. I spent that money on candy, arcade games, and comic books. Comics were exciting in the 80s; they were an escape, a fantasyland where imagination could roam free.

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I still have hundreds of comics in boxes, all bagged in plastic and acid-free boards. I stopped buying comics in the early 90s, primarily due to now having bills to pay. I tried to return to buying comics in the mid-2000s but was shocked at how much they had risen in price. That’s when the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came about, and it was glorious. Sure, we had some past superhero movies and TV shows, but the MCU changed superhero movies for good.

But things have been changing over the past few years. The characters I grew up with were changed, and political narratives started to be infused into the movies and comics. I’m sure there were some political overtones and suggestions in past books, but somehow this new wave felt more overtly in your face. The latest batch of Marvel movies and TV shows have become unrecognizable.

Rippaverse Comics and its first character Isom has me excited about comics again

I hesitated in writing this because I know how intensely political everything has become, especially entertainment. For me, this isn’t about politics. It’s about good stories that return me to the escapism and fantasyland I knew growing up.

So I was excited when I learned about Rippaverse Comics’ first book Isom. The author, Eric July, has a decent following and is an active commentator on political and cultural issues, but his comics seem to be focused on pure entertainment. I also had a bit of sticker shock at the price of his first book, but then I understood that he was doing this entirely out of his own pocket. As an independent website owner, I know how much work and money it takes to operate.

I am hopeful that even though July seems to be on the front of political commentary, it will be kept to a minimum or even not appear in his new comics. July has penned a “code of ethics,” which you can find on his website. He seems to be on the right track, and I am hopeful that Isom is the start of something great.

I am sincerely excited for Isom and excited for July and his team. Social media is an interesting and volatile beast of many heads, and the political part of it has fangs that thirst for blood. In my estimation, Rippaverse Comics needs to concentrate on those of us who have no interest in politics and culture wars in our entertainment and produce content that returns us to a time we fondly remember.

If July can stay the course, this could be a very big moment in comic book history. I have ordered a copy of Isom #1 and will have a full review once I receive it and thoroughly read it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Isom and Rippaverse Comics, you can check out their campaign and website here.

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