Epiphone announces Power Players; a budget learners guitar

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Epiphone has a long and rich history going back all the way to 1873. Sometimes the brand is unfairly branded as cheap and not good. But the truth is, like Gibson, there are different levels of quality to this line of guitars. The company has just announced a new budget learners guitar dubbed Power Players.

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This choice is an excellent move on the part of the company. With companies like Donner and Mooer offering up quality guitars at a very low price, seeing Epiphone bring something to the table is encouraging. The new Power Players series is aimed at beginner guitarists, and the company says they are “youth-sized.”

The Epiphone Power Players collection offers classic Gibson Les Paul and SG guitar shapes in a high-quality, youth-sized guitar that is easy to play and ideal for learning or traveling guitar. All Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG’s are accessorized with a guitar strap, cable and picks, and a gig bag.

Epiphone Power Players

Epiphone announces Power Players; a budget learners guitar

“The Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG is designed to be the solution for beginning youth musicians, parents, and music teachers to kickstart a guitar playing journey–the first forever guitar!” says Krista Gilley, Director of Brands at Gibson Brands.

“The challenge was to solve for the earliest stage of playing–Epiphone’s First Stage–by building confidence for youth players with a product that is tailored to them in size and playability, while offering the thrill of playing the same iconic Gibson guitar body shapes they recognize their favorite artists play on the biggest stages around the world.

Next, we solved the need for a high-quality and reliable beginning guitar that parents can trust in and provided a solution for music teachers to offer an accessible Gibson Brands guitar to support their lessons and product recommendations. From the Gibson Labs, we are excited to introduce the Epiphone Power Players Collection to solve an array of needs in the market and inspire young guitarists everywhere.”


Epiphone says these guitars are tested and approved by music teachers, and the all-new Epiphone Power Players is a quality-built ¾+ sized version of Gibson’s iconic Les Paul and SG guitar shapes. These new guitars will run you US$279 and can be found on the Epiphone website here.

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