Samsung adds “AI-Powered” washer and dryer to its Bespoke line


Samsung has its mitts into just about everything these days. From smartphones and TVs to forklifts and dirty laundry. I still recall my trip to South Korea, seeing how engrained the company is in everyday life there. They’re not far off here in America. The company has announced a new addition to its Bespoke line of washers and dryers.

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The new Bespoke units use Samsung’s “most advanced cleaning technology and capacity for an optimal and effortless clean.” One of the selling points of the Bespoke line is the design, and the lineup is considered the premium SKU in the Samsung appliance stable.

These new washers and dryers can be set side by side or even stacked on each other if you have space issues. For easier loading and unloading, you can use Samsung’s Bespoke Pedestals to elevate your washer and dryer by more than a foot, and the capacity sits at 5.3 cubic feet, giving you plenty of room to load it up.

Samsung Bespoke AI Laundry pair is equipped with advanced AI technology that eliminates the guesswork when it comes to cycle selections, delivering optimal cleaning every time.

The Bespoke Washer’s AI OptiWash feature senses dirt levels and fabric types, and selects the best wash cycle and detergent amount so you don’t have to. Simply store detergent and fabric softener in your machine and the Auto Dispense System takes care of the rest.

The Bespoke Dryer’s AI Optimal Dry function uses an Advanced Moisture Sensor to detect the dampness of your freshly washed garments, automatically adjusting the cycle and optimizing temperature settings to reduce clothing wear and tear.

For those who prefer a stacked installation, the washer’s MultiControl panel lets you conveniently control both units from one central display, putting everything within comfortable reach.


Samsung also says that its “Super Speed Cycle” lets you wash and dry a full load of laundry in under an hour. The company has a wide range of Bespoke products that you can find out more about on the company’s website. The company makes this line for kitchens and even has a vacuum. I will admit that these can be pricey but I can’t speak to their quality as we’ve not had a chance to review anything from the Bespoke line.

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