ININ Games announces the EGRET II mini, a retro arcade machine


Do you remember the days of the arcade? I’m not talking about these small narrow rooms with 20 or 30 machines. I’m talking about the enormous arcades of the 80s with hundreds of machines. Those days are gone, but you can have fun living the dream with the EGRET II mini from ININ Games.

ININ Games launches the EGRET II mini with an exclusive blue color scheme today. Shipping 40 pre-installed games, a rotating screen, and an adjustable joystick, the miniature version of the legendary arcade cabinet provides an old-school arcade feeling right in your living room!

The EGRET II mini was designed to be the ultimate way of experiencing classic TAITO arcade games. After plugging it in, fans can immediately start playing the 40 pre-installed games with Bubble Bobble or Darius Gaiden, among other notable classics. Additionally, the developers at TAITO are considering “to add more games in the future, if the opportunity arises, and [would] love to release more and more games […] as time goes on.” Here’s a rundown of its features:

  • A total of 40 pre-installed games, including true arcade classics
  • 5-inch 4:3 rotating monitor (1024×768 resolution) for horizontal and vertical alignment and an optimal adaptation to the selected game
  • 6-button arcade layout and joystick that is individually adjustable for each game – easily switch from 8 directions to 4 directions
  • HDMI output to also play the games on TV
  • Two USB Type-A controller ports for the additional, optional EGRET II mini controllers
  • SD card slot to add even more games
  • Own integrated sound through stereo speakers
  • Special in-game features like: Save states, adjustable lives and rapid-fire
ININ Games announces the EGRET II mini, a retro arcade machine

The EGRET II mini ‑ Limited Blue Edition (standalone console) and all three additional controllers are now available via ININ Games’ partner site Gamesrocket or as EGRET II mini – Arcade Cabinet Blue Edition and Game Center Blue Edition, including exclusive physical collectibles and additional controllers via Strictly Limited Games.

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