The Gamevice Flex mobile gaming controller lets you keep your case on

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Mobile gaming is a fast-growing category that companies are trying to take advantage of quickly. Companies like Gamevice have been making mobile controllers for gaming for the past few years, and there are some refinements each year.

The Gamevice Flex is the latest offering from the company, and among the latest refinements is the ability to keep your case on your phone while using it. That may not sound like a huge deal, but it is a nice feature. Many of us use cases, and having to pry it on and off each time you want to use a controller is a bit annoying. Gamevice has had past versions of this controller, and the company is also the creator of the original Razer Kishi.

With upgraded features and a new design to be compatible with thousands of phone cases, Gamevice Flex eliminates the risk and inconvenience of having to remove your phone case repeatedly. Its adapter kit enables a customized fit that works for mobile phones with or without a case.

With the emergence and steady growth of cloud gaming, players are no longer restricted to one platform. They are now enjoying their favorite games using multiple devices such as PCs, smartphones, consoles, and even upcoming cloud-enabled TVs such as the Samsung Gaming Hub.

The Gamevice Flex features updated buttons, Hall effect triggers with longer range, improved ergonomics for extended play, and (by popular demand) a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Gamevice Flex, an official ‘Designed for Xbox’ product, is now available to pre-order on Android and iOS phones for $99.95 and $109.95, respectively, at Gamevice Flex for Android and iOS phones will officially release this Fall 2022, offering a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass provides players with access to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) at no additional cost.

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