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Since their inception, video game consoles have always been at the cutting edge of technology, both in terms of their creation and their presentation. For manufacturers of gaming consoles, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the wealth of tools available with new technology. Let’s take a look at some of the key technologies to know about when creating a gaming console.

New chips and processors

Chips have always been at the heart of every gaming console on the market. It makes sense, as a gaming console is essentially a major computer that is tailored for enhanced graphics and response times. With better chip and processor technology available, console designers have way more options than ever before.

The right chips help designers save space so that they can add more features to their systems. Similarly, processors with greater power allow consoles to make the most out of automation and programming tools such as a session border controller. With new chips and processors driving innovation, the future of gaming console design is brighter than ever before.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning for gaming

Artificial intelligence services game designers in several key ways. First and foremost, it allows a console design process to undergo robust verification and checks. This means that looking for bugs in a console’s code and hardware is far easier than it was in the past. 

Machine learning also has a significant role to play in console design. The combination of these tools makes them some of the most exciting new technologies that are making the process of designing a game console more effective.

Cloud gaming

The cloud has changed the way consumers store photos, videos, and data across their mobile devices. But this emergent technology also has its place in gaming and console design. Cloud gaming allows makers to distribute their file storage and free up valuable space that may otherwise tax their ability to create and design better systems. This alone makes cloud gaming one of the most exciting new technologies in the world of videogame console design.

Xbox Cloud Gaming brings Xbox games to Windows as well as Android and Apple devices.

Display and visual technology

New visual displays are at the forefront of console design in the modern age. With the proper display formats, designers are now able to account for visual issues that in the past would have plagued a game’s graphics and presentation. As an added bonus, new displays can also mitigate issues for those with visual issues.

Several companies such as Razer are also experimenting with creating faster displays that are prepackaged with their gaming laptops. These advantages have several benefits to offer both gamers and designers alike.

Online interaction and gameplay

More game consoles are now being designed with social and online gameplay as their leading design principle. Gaming is a more communal act than ever before, so it follows suit that a console’s design would account for this revolution. Consoles now carry more unique netcode to make sure that players are never far away from being able to connect with others, share their progress online, and use their gaming hobby to make new friends around the world.

Mobile devices and lean technology

With the rise of smartphones and other mobile technology on the rise around the world, game system design has also placed a new emphasis on this realm. You can expect to see system designers accounting for mobile phone usage when making hardware that can adapt to be used from anyone’s pocket around the world. As an added benefit, mobile gaming technology is also more appealing to game designers who want to be sure their games make it to as many people as possible.

When it comes to the future of gaming, plenty of new technology is on the horizon. As you can tell from the examples above, this field is one that is rich with novel mechanisms that are sure to catapult gaming further into the culture. 

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