GravaStar Venus review: A cute, but loud, futuristic-looking wireless Bluetooth speaker

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A few years ago, we looked at a sci-fi inspired Bluetooth speaker, the GravaStar Mars. The company also makes a smaller, compact version. Our GravaStar Venus review looks at a small, cute, futuristic-looking Bluetooth that actually packs an impressive punch when it comes to sound. Read on for our full review.


The GravStar Venus Bluetooth speaker has the following features and specifications:

  • Materials: Zinc Alloy
  • Full-range subwoofer drivers
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • 6 RGB lights
  • True Wireless Stereo
  • Battery life: up to 10 hours (at 65% output)
  • Output Power: 10W
  • Transmission Range: 10M
  • Power Supply: 5V/1A
  • Charging time: <2Hrs
  • Colours: Shadow Black, Flare Red, Aurora Green, Dawn White, Elektra (orange)
  • Product dimensions: 2.8″H x 2.4″L x 3.2″W
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs

What’s in the box

  • GravaStar Venus Bluetooth Speaker
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual


Cute. I know, it’s an odd word to use to describe a wireless Bluetooth speaker. However, it is one that comes up often, alongside funky, when people first see the GravaStar Venus sitting on my desk. As the company describes it, the speaker links “technology with mecha sci-fi,” and “the industrial design transports you to a futuristic world.”

Front and back views of the GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker
Front and back views of the GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Standing just over two-and-three-quarter inches in height, the speaker is just under three-and-a-quarter inches wide and just under two-and-a-half inches deep. It stands on three mech-style legs with a round bulbous design overall. The front of the speaker has a two-inch circle with a mask-type grille across the front, under which is the main speaker. The outer ring of the circle has an RGB LED light. Above this is the Venus wordmark with a power LED and button to the left and a Bluetooth LED and button to the right. Located further up on the top of the speaker behind this are the volume buttons which are more of humps with a debossed single or double line on them.

On the back of the speaker is another two-inch circle with a white GravaStar logo design printed in the middle. Just behind this is the subwoofer. Finally, on the bottom of the speaker is where you’ll find the USB-C charging port. It is an odd position but works fine with the included cable due to the design. However, it doesn’t work as well with standard USB-C cables and you’ll have to lay the speaker on the side to charge it with one.

Our review unit came in the Aurora Green colourway, with a mix of green, black, and gunmetal base colours with white text and logo markings. Other colours include Shadow Black, Flare Red, Dawn White, and a special Elecktra edition. Unfortunately, not all versions are available in all markets so if you’re in the US, EU, or UK, you will have different choices to choose from.

Ease of Use

Like most wireless Bluetooth speakers, the GravaStar Venus is pretty easy to use. Once charged, pressing the power button for a couple of seconds will turn the speaker on and the power LED will indicate it is on. If it’s the first time you’ve used the speaker, it will enter pairing mode. Pressing the button again will play or pause the current track, and holding it for a couple of seconds will turn it off.

The controls on the top of the GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker
The controls on the top of the GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker.

To pair with a new device, turn the speaker on then press the Bluetooth button. The speaker will say “ready to pair” and you can find it on your smartphone or other device and pair it. If you have two Venus speakers, you can hold the Bluetooth button for a couple of seconds on each speaker to have them pair together for more immersive sound.

Pressing the volume up or volume down buttons will adjust the volume. When you press them at the same time, you can change the front LED RGB ring colour to one of six colour options. Finally, pressing the power and Bluetooth buttons at the same time will turn the speaker off and reset it to its factory defaults.

The power LED indicator breathes when the Venus is charging, remains solid when it’s fully charged, and flickers when it needs to be charged. The Bluetooth LED, on the other hand, remains solid when Bluetooth is connected and flickers when it is not.

Unfortunately, the one function missing from the speaker is the ability to skip to the previous or next track.

Sound Quality

Like the larger GravaStar Mars wireless Bluetooth speaker, the Venus has surprisingly decent sound for its size. Mids and highs are fairly balanced and the bass is fairly warm and punchy without being overly so. It gets quite loud as well, and I found that 30-40% volume was plenty loud with it sitting on my desk while streaming music to it.

On that note, everything from rap to Top 40 and rock sounded decent enough with a single GravaStar Venus speaker, I’d be curious to see how the sound changes with two of these little guys paired together.

Battery Life

Being a smaller speaker, it does have a shorter battery life than the larger Mars. The company claims up to 10 hours of battery life when used at 65% volume. As mentioned above, 30-40% was plenty loud and I consistently achieved about 14-15 hours between charges at those volumes. Not bad for such a small speaker.

The USB-C charging port on the bottom of the GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker
The USB-C charging port on the bottom of the GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker.


There are a couple of accessories available for the GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker. While we didn’t get a chance to look at them or review them, you can get a Venus Charging Base for US$34.95 and a Venus Storage Bag for US$19.95. The charging base not only lets you easily charge the Venus via USB-C, but it also doubles as a small platform with additional RGB lights. The storage bag looks to be a semi-hard shelled case made of PU leather and flannelette, allowing you to protect and store your speaker while transporting it.


At US$89.95, the GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker is fairly reasonably priced for what you get. If you’re not terribly picky about colour, a few variations are on sale for $62.95 at the time this review was published. The exception to this is the Elektra model which retails for $129.95 (currently on sale for $90.95) as it includes a shield and Gatling gun to add to the futuristic sci-fi look of the speaker. Curiously enough, some variations are only available in specific regions, so you’ll have to keep that in mind as well.

On that note, at full price the GravaStar Venus is not a bad deal, at the current discounted prices, it’s a solid value.

The GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker (left) compared to the GravaStar Mars speaker
The GravaStar Venus wireless Bluetooth speaker (left) compared to the GravaStar Mars speaker.


If you’re looking for a smaller wireless Bluetooth speaker that is sure to turn heads, spark conversation, and still offer up decent sound, you should check out the GravaStar Venus.

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