Convert your bicycle into an eBike with the Swytch eBike Kit


Riding a bicycle is something most of us know how to do. Many of us ride bikes for leisure, but a fair number of people, especially in urban areas, rely on bicycles for transportation. With people putting in so many miles pedaling, some have looked to the eBike to help ease the load.

But while the eBike is a great option, it can also get expensive. That’s where Swytch comes in. Swytch is an eBike conversion kit that allows users to convert their existing bicycle into an electrified bike. The Swytch is easy to fit, disc-brake compatible, and works on virtually any bicycle type. The kit is even compatible with most hybrid bicycles.

“Swytch was founded to revolutionize transport and make electric bikes affordable and accessible to everyone. The Swytch eBike system was designed to be lightweight, simple, and removable. In addition, it was so simple that it was easy to fit on any bicycle. The innovative steps in the design that make it unique are patent-pending.”

Swytch also says the kit is easy to install; if you possess the skills to change your bike’s tire, you can install Swytch. The critical components of Swytch include:

  • The Swytch Power Pack
  • The Motor Wheel, which is custom-made to fit your bike model
  • PAS Kit, which detects your pedaling and sends information to the Power Pack
  • Handle Bar Bracker, which attaches the Power Pack to your bike and connects everything together

There are two different Power Packs to choose from, the Air and Max. Here are the differences you can expect between them.

Convert your bicycle into an eBike with the Swytch eBike Kit

You can find out more about the Swytch eBike Conversion Kit, pricing, and how to buy it on the company’s website here.

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