The AUDIOCASE S10 and S5 are Bluetooth speakers with an extensive bag of tricks


Speakers used to be passive tools to which you connected an active output to deliver sound. But over the years, speakers have evolved. First came built-in amplification, then came Bluetooth, and these days the bag of tricks something like AUDIOCASE has is extensive.

Okay, my speaker history timeline may be a little bit inaccurate, but the point is that speakers have made some profound changes. The AUDIOCASE S10 and S5 Bluetooth speakers are good examples. AUDIOCASE joins brands like Positive Grid in bringing multiple tools into a speaker cabinet. In the case of the S10 and S5, these are all-in-one portable speakers, home audio systems, practice amplifiers, PA systems, and karaoke machines.

They include custom-designed speaker drivers featuring powerful and efficient Class-D amplifiers with advanced DSP. The S10 and S5 offers 30 hours of playtime from a high capacity 100 Wh swappable battery. The S10 comes equipped with two 10″ woofers and a 1″ compression driver powered by 3 x 72W Class-D amplification, while the more compact S5 comes equipped with two 5″ woofers and a 1″ dome tweeter, powered by 2 x 72W Class-D modules.

The AUDIOCASE S5 is currently selling on Kickstarter at €539/£461/$541, and the S10 is €699/£598/$702, both for a limited quantity, which will receive a significant discount over the retail prices. The Kickstarter campaign is now live and fully funded in just one hour. The features of both speakers are outstanding, and it will be interesting to test them, should we get the opportunity.

AUDIOCASE allows users to listen and create like never before. It is a Bluetooth speaker, PA system, home audio stereo, practice amplifier, and karaoke machine — combined into one portable speaker, providing the quality sound needed for dinner parties, summer hangouts, or jam sessions. It may well be the only speaker ever needed!

The portable PA system that is elegant enough for any living room and thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame and built-in handles, it can effortlessly be taken with you anywhere with unparalleled sound quality, punchy bass, and crystal-clear highs.

The AUDIOCASE S5 and S10 – designed by the award-winning studio KILO Design (AIAIAI headphones) and developed in collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark offers world-class acoustical tuning. Co-founded by Søren Larsen and Kalle Graverholt in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Audiocase makes powerful portable speakers that are able to connect to any Bluetooth source, musical instrument, microphone, or DJ system. The speakers can also connect to create a more powerful sound system, and have a removable battery that works up to 30 hours on a single charge.


For more information about the AUDIOCASE speakers, be sure to check out the company’s Kickstarter. Supporting any Kickstarter is a risk and you do so at your own expense.

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