Meet the latest GameSir mobile game controller: The Xbox-licensed X2 Pro

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There have been a number of companies releasing mobile game controllers for smartphones over the past couple of years. We’ve reviewed a couple of the GameSir mobile game controllers in the past, and the company now has an official Xbox-licensed version: the X2 Pro for Android.

Like other companies, GameSir is moving from membrane to micro switches for a more console-like experience, and even better responsiveness. The GameSir Xbox-licensed X2 Pro uses Kailh micro switches in the LB/LR buttons for up to 3 million clicks and Hall Effect analog LT/RT triggers.

“The X2 Pro supports nearly all popular streaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Remote Play, Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now and Amazon Luna, meaning it is now possible for gamers to enjoy PC & Console games anytime and anywhere. Built for a direct Type-C connection to the phone, X2 Pro allows you to simply plug the phone in and jump right in to any controller-supported games from Diablo Immortal to Fortnite, with almost no input latency. It is now also possible to charge the smartphone whilst using the controller thanks to the pass-through charging for an unstoppable gaming experience.”


The ABXY buttons are also detachable, allowing users to swap the layout between Xbox and Switch-style. Once swapped, the layout can be adjusted in the GameSir app, allowing gamers to use the button layout of their choosing. In addition, two sets of joystick caps (concave & convex) are also included.

GameSir Xbox Pro X2 mobile game controller features console-comparable controls
The GameSir Xbox Pro X2 mobile game controller features console-comparable controls.

Key features and specs of the GameSir Xbox X2 Pro mobile game controller include:

  • Cloud-playable and Remote-playable PC & Console games
  • Controller-supported Android games compatible
  • Hall Effect analog triggers (accurate to 0.1mm)
  • ALPS analog joysticks
  • Kailh Microswitch bumpers: tactile feedback with a reduced actuation distance of 0.6 mm only, around 40% less than the normal membrane controller.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headphones or TWS earbuds
  • Direct Type-C connection, Negligible input latency
  • 2 Sets of Joystick Caps
  • 2 ABXY Layouts
  • Working Platform: Android 8.0 or above
  • Connection: Built-in wired Type-C to your phone
  • Compatible Phone Size: 110-179 mm in length
  • Colorways: 2, Midnight & Moonlight
  • Microswitch Bumpers: Yes, Kailh Micro Switches
  • Analog Triggers: Yes, Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
  • Analog Joysticks: Yes, ALPS
  • Mappable Back Buttons: Yes, 2
  • Pass-through Charging: Yes (With limited compatibility)
  • Package contents: GameSir-X2 Pro-Xbox, Carry Case, Concave Thumbstick Caps, Convex Thumbstick Caps, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Card, User Manual, Thank You & After-sale Service Card, GameSir Sticker, Certification
The front and back of the GameSir Xbox Pro X2 mobile game controller (available in black or white)
The front and back of the GameSir Xbox Pro X2 mobile game controller (available in black or white).

Available in Midnight & Moonlight colours, the Xbox-licensed GameSir X2 Pro is available on the GameSir website and Amazon for US$79.99/£79.99/€89.99 and includes one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get you started.

What do you think about the Xbox-licensed X2 Pro mobile game controller from GameSir? Are you going to be picking one up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.

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