Infographic: Finding a social media audience keeps brands relevant


In today’s society, modern technology is king and is integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives. The relatively speedy development of smartphones to what they are today has sped up that integration to unprecedented levels and has put nearly everything (like social media) literally at our fingertips at all times. 

Obviously, this rapid onset twist in human evolution has brought rapid changes in how we do a wide variety of things. From shopping to interacting with entertainment, to even basic things like making connections with friends and having casual interactions from one person to another. Smartphones have changed our lives over the past several years, and there are many areas where we have moved beyond our standard methods of operation. 

One aspect in which we have seen a dramatic shift is in the area of marketing and consumer interactions. Not only are ads always around us and in front of our eyes, but customer engagement has changed drastically with the advancement in social media platforms. 

Social media has become the “go-to” for receiving news, connecting with friends, connecting with strangers and celebrities (even becoming a celebrity), as well as connecting with brands. Not only is the connection different, but particularly among younger generations, consumers are watching the brands to see if they align with their personal values. 

When it comes down to it, any brand that wishes to stay relevant, especially with up-and-coming generations of consumers, must learn to navigate social media and navigate it effectively. Brands often think this means having a presence on every mainstream social media platform, but this isn’t the key. 

Social media marketing requires getting to know one or two platforms extremely well and using those platforms to connect in a meaningful way with finding a perfect audience. Spreading marketing out to too many platforms and to a more generalized audience ends up wasting time and money and does not tend to engender brand loyalty. 

Younger generations are all about meaningful connections and strong values. Relevant brands will learn to use social media to give these consumers exactly what they’re looking for.

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